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My work and other passions involve internet/ecommerce marketing and my journey as a dad/widower. This is where I post my speeches and presentations. Need a session participant or, keynote? Let’s talk.

2/25/2020 Dad 2.0 Conference “Planning to Die to Go On Living

“I know it would be painful for me and her. But, I wanted to tell her while she was still conscious. While she was still able to respond in some real way. This was something in her future, and I know it breaks our unwritten code of focusing on the present. But I said it anyway. And we paid a price for it. A price we really shouldn’t have to deal with at all. I told her, ‘When it’s your time to go, it’s okay to …’  my voice trailing off as I started crying. Then continued, “it’s okay to go.’”
— Rob Ainbinder, Planning to Die to Go On Living







8/12/2016 – “Why Blogging is Important for Your Brand & Your Business “, Lewisville – Clemmons Chamber of Commerce

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4/21/2016 – “Google for Nonprofits Introduction” Guilford Nonprofit Consortium “Tech Thursday”, High Point, NC

2/19/2016 “The Signal and the Noise: Standing Out From The Crowd” – Dad 2.0 Summit, Washington D.C.

To the aspiring professional blogger, building a following is as important as ever in brand relations. In an ever-crowding universe of individual publishing platforms, however, distinguishing your particular voice among the millions is as much of an art form as the art itself. Our panelists confront this challenge constantly, as both creators and strategists, and they’ll share how their success derives as much from creating unique content as from understanding the science of online promotion.
Moderator: John Kinnear
Panelists: Rob Ainbinder, Simon Isaacs, Benji Travis

11/26/2014 “Maximizing Q4 Donations – Google Ad Grants”  – Guilford County Non-Profit Consortium

5/2012 “Social Media Overview” – Greensboro Convention & Visitors Bureau

4/19/2012 “Email Marketing Secrets of the Inbox” – Greensboro Chamber – Tech Thursdays

Email Marketing for NonProfits – ConvergeSouth 2011

4/2011 – “Finding Your Station: Social Media in Your Business” – Guilford Rotary

12/9/2010 – “B2B Social Media and SEO

Greensboro TweetUp #10

10/1/2010 – “Branding is Not Just Your Logo – Using FB, Twitter & LinkedIn to Market Your Business”

3/23/2006 -“Blogging 101Asheboro Public Library

Presented by the library’s K&A Programming and sponsored by the Friends of the Library