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  1. Way cool post. Enjoyed it. Thanks.

    Went to Great Britain last year with Mom (first experience over the pond). It was indeed “interesting” (even though most everybody spoke English). TV was disappointing. Internet access at the hotels was terrible/expensive. And nearly three weeks without iced tea was awful.

    But then there was Ireland . . .

  2. Thanks Dr.J!
    If I were traveling for leisure I
    would go back with my family. But, the Euro quite frankly is kicking the USD so who knows when…

    I took a pre-paid calling card and with a local toll free number to connect me to a US toll free number to place my call was a pretty cheap way to go. In fact, my hotel didn’t charge me for any of the toll free calls.

    No laptop so, no problems trying to connect. It was good to at least be able to check GMail and SiteMeter and work WebMail though… I guess that’s one benefit of business travel. You know you’ll have connectivity on the other end.

    Sitting at the beergarten table eating dinner solo on my last night made me realize I had little to no clue what anyone one was saying. An interesting experience.

  3. Welcome to Randolph County. (1) Poor planning (or no planning)? Bingo. (2) Alas, the COC only and always seeks “limited participation”. (3) And did you say “inclusive”?


    By the way, you’re been “tagged”. See my blog for details – and answer the “MeMe” questions – if you dare:)

  4. Welfare does have time limits, and has since the Clinton administration.

    Social Security should be solvent without any fixes until 2041 or so, and with easy fixes it should work fine for most of this century.

  5. Hello sir,pls try installing the driver of HP Deskjet 640/6422 series driver….it seems that it will and it is working for me for the same printer of mine in Vista.

    Good Luck!

  6. I started with Blogger, but also had an interest in low cost (less than $10 per month) self hosting. Managing my own WP blog was an outgrowth. If all you want to do is blog, I don’t recommend it. But if you like looking under the hood, it can’t be beat.

    The big caveat is the web hosts offering the best deals become oversold and stumble. Picking a stable web host at the outset can stave off a lot of unnecessary complication.

  7. Hey Rob,

    If you think Schwan’s sucks from a consumers point of view, you ought to try driving for them.

    You will learn the true meaning of SCHWAN’S SUCKS!

  8. Okay, this is Randolph Co. so if you don’t shop at Walmart where do you shop? Most of the people I talk to at work seem very afraid to cross the county line. I hate that Walmart seems the only place to shop in Randleman or Asheboro. I thought that maybe I would see some comments from you on Asheboro’s new curbside recyling program. Change of subject I know.

  9. Crochet Goddess! Hello! Thanks for stopping by!

    We don’t cross the county line to do our shopping. We just make a few more stops. Walgreens (for soap and medicine), the bread outlet on N. Fayetteville (where they now know my Wife by name), Goody’s (for clothing) and a few stores in downtown Randleman (Firestone and Melvin’s Variety) for household items. It’s a little more work and few more miles but, the benefits are numerous.

    I had an auto body technician tell me that the WalMart parking lot is a major source of customers! So, it’s even better for the condition of your car not to go to WalMart.

    Asheboro City Recycling? Such a small start for something claimed to be profitable. I’m not so fortunate to live in the inital phase (Zoo Parkway). It will probably be five years before it makes it all the way up to my house!

  10. I know I’m late with a comment but I’ve been dishing Wal-Mart for a long time. I don’t like what happened after they opened in Greensboro and what was happening in High Point before they moved to the other end of town.

    I like melvin’s (I did my Christmas shopping there last year) Many fond childhood memories revolve around shopping and the stores when I was a kid. Somehow I can’t imagine Wal-mart bringing back fond memories for anyone.hrist


  12. Yep, they’re giving away 10,000 sets I think.. to encourage set up. Only thing I didn’t do was make the URL public in search. Makes it too easy for spammers to harvest emails.

  13. Nice!!! Now all you have to do is make sure your google cv (google 1st results page for your name search)looks good…

  14. I've noticed the same thing and can't quite understand why there would be any lag-time on order processing. Unless there is something with it being a world-wide processing with country codes, but even at that, there should be much.. much less than 2 hours of wait time.

  15. Since my buying of the tan 8inch oldcastle bricks, they have discontinued these, do you know how I might obtain approx 100 or so, I live in oklahoma. thank you sincerely carla

  16. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I can say that it's still holding up very pretty well. There have been some small chips (1/8" x 1/2" long) on the leading edge of some boards. I'm considering a little touch up in those areas. But, other than that the film build is largely intact.

  17. Rob,

    I am in the middle of the exact same project using cabot's oil primer and solid deck stain on about 900-1000 sqft of deck. How does it look after a year now? If you could shoot e an email and let me know I would appriciate it. Spencerkruse@gmail.com

    Thanks a lot. Hope it is holding up.

  18. You should try google voice, their international rates are the best I've found. I used to use Skype before, but with Google Voice, I can use my cell phone to make a call (or any phone).

  19. Rob. I share your feelings. I started with RESTO in Dallas in 96 and left in…was it 2000…after the fiasco of the furniture sale…I had risen to mid-level mgmt (Michaels Furniture Div) and the cutbacks got me.

    Loved RESTO in the day. So proud to work there. Such great things to show customers, great service to provide. Sigh…those were the days.

    Stephen was a great wacky leader.

    Jim Warren

  20. Jim-
    So, right! It was a little wacky. I think that's what made it so great.

    Jason Camp, my DM back then, now works for Bassett Furniture.

  21. ATLClimber if you host your own WordPress install on your own hosting account , it's via a CPanel interface. If you use WordPress.org it's via a CPanel on their servers.

  22. Hi Rob…doesn't WordPress also require you use their servers (so no FTP)? I may be missing something, but from a quick scan of their FAQs, it sounds like it's the same scenario as Blogger.

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  26. Hey Rob, I'm kinda like you, in that I do IM, but love to bbq, so pushed my efforts in that direction. I live out on the West Coast, where the bbq is more "haute" than "hot" and I prefer to let the meat do the talking, rather than the sauce! Maybe we can swap some guest blog spots and work it through the Smoke Ring…check out my site at http://www.thesmokinbbqpit.com/How-To-Barbeque

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  28. My heart goes out to you – My husband and son also have ADHD. It’s so difficult to see them struggle when you know they are intelligent, warm, and wonderful. A couple of things ADHD mom to ADHD mom -I know EVERY case is different – 1. It took us some trial and error to get on the right medication – it feels like a really bad science fair experiment and I cried myself to sleep many nights until we found the right meds for our son. He’s on Ritalin and that’s what works for him – you might want to keep trying to find a drug that works for Jackson – it’s been life changing for my son- 2. We moved our son into a Montessori school this year for 7th grade – It has changed his world and ours!
    I have a website and am writing a book about ADHD relationships titled Not Wrong Just Different – I’d love to connect with you over the phone at some point to learn more about you and Jackson.

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  31. Faceborg as a homepage?! Oy gestalt! Maybe for the digital natives but for a digital immigrant like myself this sounds horrific.

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  33. Rob –

    What a great post! I, too, am a big fan of Winnie the Pooh. One of the lessons I learned from him is to treat everything as if it’s an adventure. To me, social media is a grand adventure and I’m not sure where it will lead me, but I’m observing everything along the path and I’m excited to be here. Besides, I get to share it with my friends as we all journey together!

  34. Arminda-

    Thank you! I’ve had this post simmering for a while. Glad you like it.
    I agree with you… social media IS a grand adventure. It’s another aspect that makes social media so interesting. I glad I get to share it with so many interesting people.

  35. You are so right! Pooh and his friends are their own little social media group. They share good times which make the day brighter for all and they share the scary times which makes the day less scary. That, to me, is what I try to do on FB. I have ‘friends’ who think its just for, borrowing a word, kvetching, but I prefer to use it like Pooh and Tigger and, well, et al, use conversation… simply to share our understanding of each other despite or because of our differences. After all, if a bear and a tig(g)er and a rabbit and an owl can be friends and sociable, well, why can’t people too?

    1. Pepper-
      Thanks for your comments! Social Media (Twitter, Facebook) are certainly a great channel to share our mutual understanding and define our differences.

  36. Nicely done! (Also, isn’t it amazing how having children in our lives changes the way we view things?)

    1. Donna-

      Thank you! I appreciate it coming from another writer. Yes, children do have a profound affect on the way we view things and cause all kinds of recollections. Sadly, ours has all but moved on from Pooh for iCarly, Big Time Rush, Wizards of Waverly Place, and Suite Life on Deck.

  37. Excellent post, Rob. #2 is a tough one because we all have narcissistic tendencies. Heck, if FB never showed the number of “Friends” people had, I suspect that there would be fewer than 100 users! As for non-human accounts, you aren’t counting a certain frozen pizza company are you? :-)

    1. Thanks for your comments! Non-human accounts are those that (on Twitter) have very little in the way of real tweets, follow everyone, and have few followers. (A certain frozen pizza company might fall into this Twitter category for it’s lack of updates) On Facebook, they are the company profiles with little in the way of updates. Narcissistic tendencies? Who me? :-)

  38. Congratulations Rob! Flattered to find our blog post resonated with you. I, of course, am a huge fan of agency life and am sure that you find the fulfillment that you desire. I wish you nothing but the best in your new position and hope that we cross paths again. All my best–SK

  39. Steve-

    First, thanks for the congratulations. Second, I deeply appreciate the recognition of the work that I did on Hafele’s behalf. I look forward to my foray into agency life and to the challenges and opportunity ahead. My best to you as well.

    1. Thanks Dianna! I like your word… great thought. By the way, I think I worked on #1 a little too hard this morning. My knees are hurting.

    1. Thanks for your comment and well wishes Mark. Yes, the siding is not without it’s proper care and feeding. The projects are largely overdue, deferred maintance from the previous owners.

  40. Ask me in 2 months. We’re signing papers in the a.m. for the FINAL final kitchen re-do. The dining room and kitchen shall be ONE room, so all of it is in the foyer, at a consignment store, in boxes, we’re eating on a card table, and figuring out how to get the refrigerator through a door it doesn’t fit through (gonna have to take the doors off) to put it into the den. Microwave & Keurig go in my office. They told us that the “last 4 days” would be days we might want to go elsewhere (that’s when all the new & old hardwood is getting refinished) and the entire back of the first floor, where everything we want (like the bathroom) is. So…….it’s going to be a struggle. But all change, even change for the better, is painful.

    There will be a “new kitchen” party sometime in 2.5 months. Builder said, “Do you WANT a kitchen that was done in a week?”


    1. Sue I think your reno guy is right on when he says you don’t want to be there in the home stretch but, then again. If you have the room to be mostly out of there way. You may stay sane. Our animals got a little nutty in fact, the dog when to the groomer one day for a mental health break and she responded very well. You certainly don’t want a kitchen that was done in a week and not one that drags on for six months. Good luck with the project.

  41. Your well written article touched me as I remembered your conscientious interest in space and the astronauts and how you worked dilengently on your science project.

  42. Last year was my first with SFG and it performed as advertised. Pests attached one plant but didn’t make it to the next box. Production was great, it looked pretty, the spacing works fine (I was really worried about it), the planting tables in the book were worth the cost of the book. Just try it!

    1. Shelly-
      Thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad to hear that the spacing worked out. It’s something that has always had me wondering. I’m planning on buying the book…probably on half.com. I can only go to the Library so many times. Have you tried any co-planting?

      1. I have many sqyarefoot beds and co-plant until you cannot tell one plant from another, especially things like peas that will be up and out in no time, spring lettuce, etc are planted with tomato and peppers which will be long term growers. I have permanent winter greens growing year round, strawberry plants and now raspberry and blackberry in permanent places in the squares. Sweet potatoes, carrots, et. stay in the ground year round as well. We are in Northwest Florida and the ground does not freeze but the frost can damage plants. I have wintered over cilantro and such with a plastic row cover.

        1. Ester-

          Thanks for dropping by my blog and sharing your experiences. I was wondering how to fit potatoes in a squarefoot garden. Had any experiences with potatoes?

  43. Your garden looks great Rob! I follow the spacing suggested with the plant or seeds. I like your spacing idea. Looks like an organized garden!
    I understand that potatoes grow great in a container. I have seen instructions to start planting in a deep container like a wine barrel then little by little as the plant grows layer in more dirt until the container is full and the green plant is still peeking above the soil. By fall the container will be full of potatoes and all you need to do is spill it over to harvest them! Sounds fun. Potato plants are pretty too.
    Keep us posted on your garden…

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Stacy. The spacing on the package is a great start. But, the idea of a squarefoot garden is to maximize space. There’s a great book that explains it all. You can get a TON of food out of a relatively small space with a minimum of work and weeding.
      I really, like your idea for potatoes. I mentioned it to my Wife and she seemed quite interested. I’ll keep you posted on our progress!

  44. Hi Rob,

    What a wonderful garden you have! Glad to see you’re SFGing and we’d love to see any more pictures – I know Mel would especially. If interested, send them to askmelsfg@gmail.com.

    Thanks for spreading the SFG message :)

    Kevin from the Square Foot Gardening Foundation

    1. Kevin-

      Thanks very much for stopping by! I’ve been reading Mel’s books (quite a fan actually) for the past several years and we finally got the lead out.
      Happy to see the Cash from a Squarefoot Garden is available again. I quit looking for it a while ago. I’ll certainly send along photos!

  45. I searched the same question at Pergo and it seems that Pergomax is sold esclusively at Loews and PergoXP (extreme perform.) is sold exclusively at Home Depot. Both seem to be under the PermaMax trademark. Eachoof these stores carries different selections.

  46. When was Pergo Max introduced. The condo we live in accecpted a technical data sheet from 2004 which I believe would not represent the true specs of a Pergo Max Vera Mahogany floor that our upstairs neighbors placed over 8′ concrete and the noise is unreal.

  47. Product Specification:
    THICKNESS: 10mm + Premium Underlayment Attached
    GRADE: AC3
    WARRANTY: Lifetime Residential / 10yr Light Commercial

    Product Specification:
    THICKNESS: 8mm + Premium Underlayment Attached
    GRADE: AC4
    WARRANTY: Lifetime Residential / 5yr Light Commercial

  48. Hey Rob! Can you please post or send me some emails of your new floor in your home. My husband and I have been searching for flooring for months and have narrowed it down to Pergo XP. I looked at the flooring you had chosen and found it on the internet for half the price of the Pergo XP. I would really appreciate your input! Thanks!

    1. Hey Felica! Thanks for dropping by and for your comment. You can read about the floor we finally selected (back in 2010) over at this blog post. Price part of the our driver in our process. Funny enough, just today we were going over the choices for our next home. And for some final pictures of the install check here.

  49. Thanks for stopping by this 1.5 year old blog post. I gather you read the entire post… and I hope you enjoyed it. If you did read this post you know that it wasn’t just about price. And reading this post was completely voluntary.

  50. PLEASE help! We will have 2,000sf of wood laminate in our new build & need durability with dogs & must have a darker hand scraped finish: as of now have decided on PergoMax Handscraped Richland Hickory. Is this all it’s cracked up to be–has a 4AC but is only 8mil?? And is attached pad good enough? What else is comparable?? Thanks!!

    1. Hi Brenda-

      Thanks for your comment. I know AC4 is supposed to mean that the floor is hard. But, I’ve not had any direct experience with dogs and this PergoMax. Maybe someone else can comment here on there experience. Thanks.

  51. Pergo XP highland hickory was installed last fall in our main floor. The stuff looks great and its bulletproof! Two dogs and no scratches! Fabulous!

  52. Purchased pergo xp highland hickory last April…2500sf …we like it better than hardwood. It will not scratch with large dogs running on it; Clorox drips won’t fade it and it looks fantastic, plus it’s quiet! Got a special deal at HD…whole house install for $300.00 or some ridiculous low price…look for this sale in spring. Would not consider buying any other product and did not put any laminate in ” wet ” rooms ( tile only as we are a messy bunch :). We get many many compliments on this floor! Very pleased with our investment!

    1. Laurie-
      Thanks for sharing your experience with Pergo XP. When we did our laminate flooring we decided to tile “wet” rooms as well. The deal sounds like a great one. Did that price include moving furniture, removing carpet/tackstrip and installing new shoe moulding/quarter round?

      1. Unsure about what kind of noise since I haven’t heard it myself. Guy at Lowes says he’s heard complaints and Laurie that posted her comment here in Dec. comments on her happiness in the flooring “being quiet”. Lowes guy says its a chuckling sound when you walk on it? Says its pretty commonly known. Made me more confused. Have no idea what that would sound like.

  53. For *most* laminate floors there is what is loosely termed a click. This applies more to shoes of the high heeled variety with a small surface area. It involves the upper layer of finish of the floor resonating through the flooring substrate, I believe. Thicker floors tend to exhibit less of this from my layman testing in the stores. Your mileage may vary.

    1. Thanks for getting back so quickly. Tonight I talked w/friends n they said its called a click as you say. Don’t think I will like that so I’m glad I found out in time. But as Laurie mentioned the pergo xp is quiet so I’m gonna consider that one instead of the max. It is thicker. Thx for ur help!

  54. I am desperately trying to decide what type of floor to buy to replace carpet, in main living area, and hallways. I am considering pergo max laminate flooring…..10mm thickness with padding from Lowes….mahogonny apple. My big concern is the tap tap…echo type noise that may or may not be heard when walking on it. Do you have this problem? We will be putting on top of cement slad in older house

  55. Do not buy anything with Pergo product, i am still fighting with Lowes and Pergo company, read the complaints it is available on line and all problem, issue and complaints with Pergo are alike and I am a leaving example and I don’t you to go through with the problem we are having with. My floor already blistered or swelling like a month after it is installed by Lowes. It is a nightmare nobody can afford to replaced floor every six month.

    1. Dear Gina, Currently having that same fight myself. In fact, I’m sending you this message while at Lowes on the latest round of our fight. Iwould love to communicate with you more to hear about your situation. Wendi

  56. I am looking at Pergo Max but need to know how long a run I can do before transition is required. Want to go from my front door to my back door and the longest run will be 42 feet. Can I run the entire length with Pergo Max without having to put in transition. Get different answers from different installers.

  57. Hi Rob, I’m actually putting a BESTA TV unit together, but unfortunately, IKEA discontinued the FRAMSTA panel fillings. Can you tell me what the actually thickness (depth) of the panels are? I’ve been searching the net and also phoned IKEA to no avail.

    I’m aware that the height and width of the panels are 12 5/8″ x 47 1/4″ respectively. What I’d like to do is pick up some mdf board and have it cut to size at a hardware store.

    Thank You!

  58. It was interesting for me to read about some of your personal history from that time. We grew up separately probably because your parents divorced and your dad was somewhat connected with my mom, you folks moved away and your mother it seems needed to distance herself from the family.

    I understand well what it is like to grow up on the periphery of both Jewish and Christian communities, as well as facing the ugliness of antisemitism. Music and lyrics help define identity. For me the was Pink Floyd, ELP and Kansas that gave voice to my rebellion and disdain for conformity at the time.

    Did you ever see the Coen Bother’s: A Serious Man?

  59. You know… I have started writing and re-writing that post a few times. I am thankful for family and the opportunity to stay connected with you. Fascinating to learn that you faced similar circumstances.
    I haven’t see “A Serious Man” but, I am off to check it out. Thanks for stopping by!

  60. 5 years ago 2009, I bought Pergo laminate bridgeport for my slab house. Put it in every room. Bought at Home Depot. Did not have a name xp or max just pergo. A pad was put underneath. It did not have a pad backing. It was quiet and looked great. While we were away we had water damage in most of the house except the furthest . They were saved. 5 years later we could not find a Pergo to match. Bridgeport was discontinued. We needed an 8 mm that matched the floors that were able to be saved. Went to Lowes and they had a Pergo Max that was very close. Same installer put it down . With the same pad underneath. It is the same 8mm thickness but it clicks and snaps all over. The old pergo is still fine.Very annoying

    1. I don’t envy you at all Al. If I were in your shoes… not sure what I would do. It’s a shame that vendors can’t keep something in their product line more than a few years.

  61. Just perchased Pergo xp Liguria Slate without attached padding. Does it require a pad to be laid? One site says yes another no. Current laminate is on wooden floor
    Thank you
    Al Camisa

  62. Hey, do the bars on the back of the TV have screws or bolts that already come with the assembly? Or did you buy them separately?

  63. Digital Dad’s claims are B.S. – Pergo MAX and Pergo XP are store brands and cheaply made to a price point; most XP is 10mm, most Max is 8mm

    WARNING – before you buy a single box – open one carton & pull out a few boards – and NOTICE there is a distinct end-to-end warp; no way you can install this stuff FLAT; I have bought and returned 40 cartons of this XP junk in Jan 2015

    and i unfortunately installed 120 sq ft of Max same month – read the other site reviews that say it sounds like walking on bubble-wrap – …. it does …


  64. “emoze” not sure what claims you think I made in the original posted (dated 2012) or, in comments since. But, I have been nothing but, transparent in presenting the specs for Pergo and Pergo Max as well as providing a forum for buyers considering either flooring choice.

    In fact, among the comments (above) there are a few that are happy with their decision. Some, unfortunately have had a negative experience. Pergo is a mass produced product and I have no doubt that there are likely some quality issues among some runs of the products.

  65. I like your style and your experience out in the field gives you the experience to assist your clients with confidence that you can understand their needs and offer them viable solution.so

    1. Thanks for your comment. I appreciate you stopping by to read this post. I love the opportunity to assist clients and help them accomplish their goals and reach new levels of success.

  66. My wife and I started eating cleaner back around May of last year, and we’ve both lost weight and generally just feel better all around. Things like acid reflux have not been an issue except for on the rare occasion that we have consecutive days of “bad” eating, but it has been a great lifestyle change for us.

    1. Awesome Matt. Yep, I just stepped on the scale this morning, and few more just dropped off. I’m really stoked and so is my Wife. I’ll be writing more about this health journey and have been collecting some recipes of stuff we like as cleaner alternatives.

  67. You go with your bad self!! I’m so happy for you and know that you’ll do awesome!! We had a conversation about Dad 2.0 while I was in California so I can’t wait to hear about your experience!

  68. “18 – 22 weeks, they replied no.” WTF?!!!

    I’ve got very limited experience with air mattresses. Sometimes I use a queen size camping mattress with a layer of memory foam. It’s pretty good, but not ideal. It can’t be as good as the one you’re looking at.

    Have you had a chance to go to a store and try an air mattress?
    The one you listed here says: Weight limit: 250 lb. Is that for 2 people?!

    The replaceable memory foam option sounds good. the question is how much will it cost to replace ? On amazon a queen is about $150-$200:

    1. Thanks for your comment! One thing I didn’t mention in the article is that a number of years ago we owned an air mattress. We liked it, but the pump wasn’t self regulating. So, we constantly fought with maintaining the right pressure. And the remotes on this mattress were nothing more than on/off switches wired to the pumps. Ultimately, we ditched it for a more traditional mattress. Seems that the remotes have gotten smarter and less expensive than Sleep Number.

  69. I couldn’t agree more! I’ve traveled extensively in my 20’s and my best assets are my travel memories. I hope to pass that on to my daughter. Rather spend money on experiences and shape who she will become as a person than a bunch of toys she’ll never remember.

  70. I had a rather large circle of friends and I have to say 90% of them are very motivated by their possessions who has the nicest car, the biggest house, the latest item of fashion and for a while I found myself being sucked into this, but in the end, it made me miserable and very insecure, if you didn’t have the £110 jeans you were not invited to coffee mornings, in the end, I distanced myself and focused on what mattered and that wasn’t the possessions I owned which can I add I had to work hard for while many of them had working husbands and they were housewives …. I actually see how shallow they were and I am more happier with my new circle of friends as we share experiences with each other we don’t talk about posessions.

    1. Emma-
      Thanks for sharing your experiences. We went through a similar situation, although we knew right away we didn’t have the means to “keep up”. So, we wound up finding some very good friends and walking away from some others. We were happier in the end. Though the realization was painful.

  71. Hey Rob,

    This is my first visit to your blog and I’m coming over from our LinkedIn group.

    I’ve never been one to be big on possessions. I’ve never been about things, I’ve always been about my family and friends. Long story as to why but I agree with the experiences. I hope that more people will understand that it’s the people and experiences in our lives that are the most important. You can’t take things with you when you go and looking back which one would you have wanted the most!

    Thanks for this reminder and I hope that 2016 brings you everything you desire.


  72. I will take experiences over possessions any day of the week!

    Whilst experiences can be over in days/weeks and possessions may last years, “things” do not fulfill me as much. I would not hesitate to spend £1000 on a holiday (and have done so), yet would wince at spending £1000 on a bag. Logically, it makes no sense at all!

  73. Put XP in a bedroom almost a year ago and so far no problems, no clicking. Looks great. It was installed over plywood floor after carpet was removed. I scratch tested XP, MAX (and COREtec) with a key and XP was the strongest surface by far.

    1. Likewise, Jen. A great random act of kindness. I look forward to staying in touch as well. Can’t believe that Chuy’s has made it to NC. Going to have to make a trip soon.

  74. I have the anker and can’t live without it. I have an older model which means it’s bigger but I can charge my iphone 4-5 times with it. Of course that means it takes a while for the battery pack to recharge, but that’s okay. Definitely a lifesaver when you’re on vacation (ahem.. Disney??) with 3 teens packing iPhones and needing their Snapchat ;)

    1. Thanks for your comment Kristen. Yeah, I really want a bigger charger. The bigger ones do take longer to charge for sure. Ah, yeah… it’s definitely required gear for a florida vacation! :-)

  75. Thank you so much! Your condensed overview of experience helped me to organize and focus my thoughts. I’m going with Pergo Max (whatever the high end pergo is called) but having it installed by a really talented carpenter to ensure it’s done right, as there a scary message boards with LOTS of customers who had Lowe’s install their floors and had problems within a few months to a year. Furthermore, with Lowe’s (especially) but also Home Depot, every customer invariably said the stores would not honor ANY warranties, regardless of how absurd the caveat was…such as a couple who had a low humidifier in a back nursery and Lowe’s rejected the warranty because the moisture could have traveled from the baby’s crib to their livingrm, damaging the flooring. Or if you have windows, they are blamed for fading or changes in color. And pets? Give it up.

    The pergo website under “care and maintenance” specifically says it will withstand “light cleaning” (i.e. Swiffering) AS WELL AS “heavy cleaning”, which i assumed meant breaking out the swiffer wetjet or a damp cloth!!

    I have read customers who claim that as soon as ANY moisture gets between the boards, they expand and buckle. On the other hand, my carpenter put a plank of pergo max in a bucket of warm water and left it there for 24hrs; he said when he pulled it out it looked exactly the same as new…just wet.

    So, i haven’t the slightest who i an to believe. I have five german shepherds in an 800sq ft house, and one is almost 16 so there are simply going to be nightime accidents. I hope against hope, the urine sitting on the laminate all night won’t damage it before i awaken, find the accident, & quickly clean it up… Oh, Lord, please… (And i don’t even go to church…)

    I’m withya that a house full of vinyl would remind me of my granny’s linoleum kitchen on their houseboat…i can’t deal with the plastic, cheapity cheap look.

    Wish me luck–and may my laminate not swell and buckle.

  76. The wife and I need a child-free weekend at some point. I’ve never been to Texas, it’s on a Bucket List. I know where to get good BBQ in Austin. I’m waiting for Part 2 of the Austin Getaway.

  77. Great tips! I never think to change the battery on my smoke detector. I guess I’ll be doing that this weekend!

  78. But at the end of the day, you have to remember that you’ve spent years grooming her to be ready for things like this. You’ve taught her right from wrong and you’ve shown her what healthy relationships should look like. The hardest part of this parenting gig is taking the training wheels off and letting them learn to peddle on their own… with you watching carefully over their shoulder. She’ll be fine, dad. You? Maybe not so much ;)

    1. You’re so right, naturally. We’ve done all we can. Those training wheels… wow! Not so fast, okay? Yes, I’ll be carefully watching, even intently watching. ;)

  79. Rob – this was great reading – from afar! So not ready for all that – and when the time is right, I’m sure I will think of this blog! Thanks for sharing. As I already happen to know your daughter and what a GREAT kid she is…..non of it surprised me, just reinforced what I already knew! How times have changed, and parental involvement and support is so important!!!

    1. Leslie – thanks for your comment and reading this post. I’m sure the time will come one day soon for you as well! Happy to share in hopes that it helps others. I appreciate your compliment about her! Seems that times have changed in some ways but, not others.

  80. Oh my. I don’t think my (15 year old) daughter ever would have agreed to your terms… EVER! But then, she came from a class of 15 students who had been together for 9 years… Really, I became the chauffeur – and I sat as far away from them as possible, until I was gifted with the seat next to them… and not always my daughter. LOL. They did often go out in groups of 3+, just like I did when i was 13. And often without parental supervision.

    You know your daughter best, and I think having had this good experience, you might loosen the reigns a bit next time. Meet the boy outside the theater and sit far away… then just meet the boy (if it’s a new one) and dont go to the movie. She has a phone and is capable of using it for any reason. You and I didn’t have that luxury.

    Teenage girls are a challenge – just ask me what it’s like having one at boarding school. Heh. Um. Yeah.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting Hilary. I know this chapter of life has just begun and there are plenty of ways to approach this.
      Your experiences have certainly given me some food for thought for next time! I can’t imagine the challenges of boarding school. Whoa!

      1. I should have started a blog when she went for prospective weekend. Or when we mailed off the app? Or the day I dropped her off? Is too late for the last trimester of freshman year?

        You’ll do great. And I’m here for unsolicited advice when needed. ?

  81. We have highland hickory XP throughout our house. We put it in 3 years ago. I cut a section of it to expose a fresh raw edge and weighted it in a tub of water overnight. Very minimal swell after 24 hrs. We key tested it, was tough to scratch. with a 100 lb lab and a 35 lb beagle, theyve not put nail scratches in it yet.

  82. I just pack 3 of the ones you bought as you can reck phones that charge at 4 + amps at least im not doing it to my 700$ phone. My phone original charger is 5.3 v 2.0 amp and when its charging from 0 or 1% and up to 100% the charger gets warm, so I dont wanna jam juice into such a delicate instrument. At 10$ I can charge as many as I want at home and My kids can each have one along with myself. Yes they do get warm its normal. I even got the tiny compact pocket juice at 2000 mah 2000mah willcharge my 3200 mah bat about 70% I just have one in case I NEED it….I do not like the size of the bigger models. At 10$ you can buy as many as you need. Plus keep your receipt Walmart will take it back and you get a new one within 90 days…. If you go past 90 days just use your license and make sure to have the package in both cases….you can only return so much stuff to wal mart in a years time. I always charge my pocket juices slowly with a 5v 650ma as it just better on the battery…Energizer had a cheep one with 2 AA batteries that you could put in rechargeable batteries but to much to do… pocket juice or I call them “cobs” are perfect size and I have a bunch of them and they get turned into me each night and I charge them….I give both the smaller one and 4000 m

  83. Wow, that sounds tough when she was little. I could see how the regimen would help like it did. I’m glad she knows her limits and you guys are great parents for teaching her to cope with them.

  84. We’ve been reading a lot about high sensitivity lately, too. In different ways, we’re pretty sure that each of us (me, my wife, and our daughter) are highly sensitive, and discussions about high sensitivity have become a norm in our household when any of us talk about habits and efforts at self-improvement. I’m glad we came across Elaine Aron and her research in this field.

    1. Wow, all three of you have the sensitivity? That’s very interesting. I’m not familiar with Elaine’s work in this field of research. But, I am off to check it out. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Neal.

  85. Glad things have worked out according to your plan. It’s cool that you are involved in your daughter’s life and that she appreciates it.

    1. Thanks very much Linda! The parfait was fun! Yes, we’ve not had fish sticks in several years as well. Truth is, I compared the nutritional panels and the sticks were a little better than the frozen filets I looked at.

    1. Julie,
      Thanks so much for taking the time to check out our family night. As you guessed, it was a lot of fun. I hope in some small way it inspires others to make time for family fun.

  86. I didn’t have challenges during my childhood quite like that, but I have as an adult, and as we all know, our biggest challenges make us stronger. Good on you for being a great dad!

  87. I am in need of a new mattress because the one I am currently sleeping in belonged to my parents from 20 years ago! It’s time for it to go!

  88. My parents need a new mattress. Theirs is probably 20 years old and they both have back/neck issues. I would love to be their favorite child :)

  89. We need a new mattress because ours is 17 years old (nope, that isn’t a typo) and a full size. My mom teases me every time she visits that my husband & I have a full size bed. Given that he’s 6′-4″, I think he might appreciate the extra length of a queen, but it’s something we always put off. Winning would force us to finally upgrade. ;)

  90. Totally agree with you. One of the positives of my (now grown up) daughter playing travel soccer was that all the participation stuff went away for the most part. You had to at least come in second to get a medal or trophy.

    Also agree with you on academic achievement acknowledgement. We need to do a much better job of recognizing achievements in an area that’s far more impactful to a child’s life than sports.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for your comments, Jon. I would really like to see my daughter’s academic achievements move beyond the paper certificates. Sports are important but, I agree with you, what you learn in the classroom is equal to, or a bit more impactful.

  91. I do my best to avoid road trips, but I never truly can. Great tips – and trust me, those of us in the car appreciate that shower and shave! #client

    1. Thanks for your comments Michelle. If we could fly this year, we would. But, so pricey! Always hit the road clean and fresh. Now, my daughter with her dry shampoo? That’s another matter.

  92. Great tips and a lovely way to get ready for the trips planned for the summer. I should share it with my husband.

  93. Great tips for getting ready for the hot weather. One thing I need to do is clean the interior really well and then stock up for summer sports!

  94. Love this article Rob! Great tips and I can tell you have put a lot of effort into this. Great review too, I will need to pass it on to my brother so thanks for sharing :)

  95. Good tips! Is always a pain to get everything done before doing some vacations. I try to avoid using a car so I can relax a bit more but in the end, if you can make an effort, having a car will help a lot. Cool pictures mate!

    1. Hey Nic,
      Thanks for stopping by. Airfare is a bit more steep and when you add in a rental car things really stack up. So, it’s cost move for us.
      I appreciate your compliment on my photos. Something I’ve been working to improve upon. Video is next for me.

  96. Love the printable checklist. I always make a packing checklist for me and my kids when we go on a trip. You may have inspired a future post for me including my packing checklist! I hadn’t thought to make a “to do” checklist of things to prepare. I tend to over-schedule – so I know you are speaking the truth when you say it’s important to leave some breathing room!

  97. Great Checklist but I liked the beard, man. However I do understand it gets quite annoying during the summer so I might have a shave as well.

    1. Thanks Chris. Yeah, like I said in the post, I had some run ins with my trimmer that messed things up.
      But, no fear it’s growing back. That razor, wow.

  98. I don`t know what my father used but I might mention this to him. At 16, my brother doesn`t have a beard yet so I might recommend this to him when the time comes.

    1. Yes, as I understand it… washing with kitchen dish soap “strips” the paint of some it’s inherint oils. This will lead to paint damage, over time.

  99. Thanks! I care more about the group and the people in it than my goofy website that I rarely write on anyway :)

    I’m glad you enjoyed your brewday with Darrell. Nice to be able to read about it.


  100. Read on another site of water issues with Pergo XP because the connectors allow water to sit, even in areas where there isn’t normally water. (living rooms, bedrooms) Have you heard anything like this? Am trying to decide between XP and Max, have an option for each, and just don’t know which would suit us better. We have dogs and that means occasional wet when they come in out of rain or snow. Supposedly the Max has an option water barrier type thing but the XP doesn’t. On the other hand, quiet is very important. My last Pergo floor was just “Pergo” not a particular style, and it did have an underlayer for water. LOVED it for 8+ years with the first dog and all his wet.

    1. I would refer to any installation documents on Pergo’s website with regards to wet area installation. The Pergo Gold underlayment appears to be only for preventing moisture from wicking from the subfloor into Pergo and providing sound absorption.

  101. I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes that’s just the way it works out. Says nothing about our parental capabilities OR what type of child we will raise as parents of an only child.

  102. We have highland hickory and my husband installed it in the bottom floor if our 3,500 square foot house. We have four kids, two dogs and I run a preschool out of our home. I honestly can’t express how well it has held up. Our floor still look great after 10 years of traffic. We are in the process 10 years later of ripping up our carpet upstairs and replacing with pergo. I highly recommend this product.

  103. Rob. Thanks for the article. You might want to update the article and indicate how much bleach to put in during the bleach step .

  104. Rob, I found you on Socialfabric. Great post! I’m currently on homo teenagus #3. Lots of eye rolling, YouTube and know-it-all. But, he is back in school now so all is good.

  105. I’ve never heard of the tiny homes. Sounds interesting but I could not see myself living in one either.
    Anyway, I hope you eventually find (or build) a house that works for you and your family.

  106. Never had anything besides tile/carpet in our homes. We did have a golden bamboo installed upstairs, in our son’s bonus room/bedroom. It was a good choice and has held up well. We are now replacing the carpet in our 3 bedrooms downstairs and have decided on not going with carpet again. After 10 years and a few dog “accidents”, we want to either go with a Pergo laminate or a dark bamboo. I like the look of the hand scrapped strand woven bamboo I saw at HD, but didn’t see anything even close to the dark, rich look of the bamboo. My husband & I will be installing it. Never have tackled anything like this, but have been very successful with numerous other DYI projects/home improvements throughout the years. Any suggestions on one over the other? Is the durability/installation comparable?

    1. Martye-

      Thanks for your comments. There are a lot of flooring types out there. They all have their own pluses and minuses. Your subfloor will help you determine the type of installation and product you choose. For example, some floor types are not recommended below grade/in a basement. In addition, some floors will do better in a wet area like in a kitchen, bathroom or, laundry area. I would say the installation is similar but, you would have to compare the installation instructions of each floor product you are considering to be 100% sure. As for durability? These are two different materials. Bamboo (depending on the product) is largely either solid bamboo all the way through or, it’s attached to a thin plywood base. Laminate (again, depending on the product) has a compressed wood base. Given, that you’ve had a good experience with bamboo you may want to look at what type you installed in the bonus room and see what type it is (e.g. is it a solid bamboo product or, attached to another type of wood) and if it’s appropriate to install in the rooms you are planning. There are some specialized tools for installing laminate floors, you can check them out here Good luck with your project!

  107. I’m hoping for jeans for hubby. He always wears his to work and never has a nice pair to wear when we go anywhere. Lee’s are too nice to work on motors with. Hubby is a grease monkey.

  108. Hubby needs jeans so I am entering for him but I am sure he will be wearing these all the time if we win

  109. I would give these to my husband. What would he do in his Lee’s? He would work hard and play harder. He would be his wonderful self.

  110. I am entering for my husband and he said he would wear them out on a family outing like or even work if they are comfortable

  111. Wow! I’d never even considered using a lint roller in my car! I have leather seats so I don’t have to worry about too much fuzz, but I have long, blonde hair and it sticks to EVERYTHING. I bet a link roller would be just the ticket to get what even a vacuum sometimes ignores. Awesome!

  112. I’m ready to remove carpet on first floor was looking at Pergo Max found a shade but after reading your posts Im confused as to what I should buy. Concerns: three dogs running in and out and one older dog that has an incontinent problem. I need a floor to withstand them and their issues. Any suggestions?

    1. Patricia

      If you like laminate flooring, you might check out Pergo Outlast+ with spill protect. If installed correctly, it might have the right combination of features for your situation. The tricky part of your situation is the incontinent dog. Laminate and liquids don’t get along that well. Pergo seems to be trying to address that with the Spill Protect. But, I have no direct experience with it. Again, if you go Pergo Outlast+ with spill protect route, read the installation instructions and interview the installers on how they will proceed. I have some information on it here.

  113. I would like to personally THANK YOU FOR ACCOMPLISHING WHAT I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO DO IN 6 YEARS. I am a person with physical challenges and need an air mattress so bad. I have purchased 8 “normal” mattresses, the last being the foam in the box. How ever I can still feel the metal bars on the base through the 8″‘s,. It causes me tremendous stress and pain and I cannot sleep. I have given away all of them within the month of purchase except the foam in the box…need something until I can find an air mattress and foundation I can sleep on. Do you know if the 5 year warranty is all it will last?
    Again, I have not been able to compare like you did and I want to say again Thank you for taking time to care about others and sharing this information.
    Sincerely, May you and yours be blessed

    1. Robin
      Thanks for your comments. I am glad you found this information valuable. We have been sleeping on the Overstock mattress for 5 months or, so. It seems like it could last as long as the warranty, but I don’t really know. It’s possible that any of these manufacturers could go out of business in the time of their warranty. We have noticed that the top foam pad shifts around a bit but, that might be due to the two of us, more than the product itself. ;-)

  114. When we had our first, I told my wife that there was no way that I would be toting around a girly bag. I’m sorry I just wasn’t going to do that because I was the primary care giver for our child and I didn’t want to use something that she would only use a hand-full of times. She saw my point and we ended up getting two.

    Now with our second we have gone from two diapers bags to one because she really like how my “manly” diaper bag works.

  115. Ahh, nice win on the functionality front. We never graduated to two diaper bags, seemed like a lot of duplicate gear and/or stuff to keep track of. Thanks for the comment.

  116. Mm..I love creamy soups! Great to see that your teen joined in. Maybe it was something she was interested in helping out with..flavour wise that is ?

  117. Last week, I was wearing open toe sandals and a sleeveless top one day and the very NEXT day, a sweater. Welcome to NC where you get 3 seasons in one day. Thanks for my Rubbermaid set.. when I unboxed it, I found the container thief and told her point blank that if she touched them, she wouldn’t make it to her first day of highschool. LOVE the quality.. super sturdy and the fact that they don’t stain means no more spraying the container down with Pam before putting a red sauce in it. Can’t wait to try the recipe, too!! Happy grilling!

  118. It’s snowing here this weekend, but I can’t wait to grill again soon! This sounds amazing! (client)

  119. Hi Rob,
    Bought a villa and redoing the floors. Trying to decide between the pergo outlast and pergo max premiere. Just curious, could the silicone sealant be put on the max premiere? Would it hurt and at some point would it need to be reapplied – on either of them for that matter.

  120. This was very helpful! I couldn’t find anything but the vaguest information about the trail on the zoo’s website, but this post came to my rescue!

  121. Cyndi was our favorite writer at Brenau's Barbecue Championship. She may not have done competitions, but she was at ours. A great time was had by all.

  122. She is so beautiful! Wonderful post! I wish you the best in parenting! (It might get a little more difficult, but you can do it!) Happy Father’s Day!

  123. Great article Rob! Our family already uses Google calendar and we couldn’t be happier! It works fantastic and works over all the different platforms even though I use an iPhone!

    Enjoy this time with your kiddos, it seems every stage is a little different, not better or worse, just different! Some we nail, others we could do better on!

  124. Very well written, excellent reading thank you very much I searched all over Pergo’s website and I could not find anything to compare the products I will certainly be going with the Pergo Outlast+ based on your article.
    Vintage Pewter Oak

  125. Does this mean to put the silicone within each seam, as in between each plank? I have concerns of it getting into the seam (in between the plank) and the floor getting damaged. I’ve read glowing reviews and then the polar opposite. My floors will cost me roughly $5200 for pergo outlast or $5700 for engineered hardwood. I don’t want a $5200 mistake. I do have dogs.

    1. Just seeing this now but I really hope you didn’t do engineered with dogs! Our house came with that and it’s awful! Surface has literally worn off from our dogs and foot traffic in only a few years. Getting ready to tear it out and replace with Pergo outlast

  126. Rewording:

    Does this mean to put the silicone within each seam between each plank?

    I have concerns of water getting into the seams (in between the planks) and the floor getting damaged. I’ve read glowing reviews, but I’ve also read reviews that are polar opposite.

    My floors will cost me roughly $5200 for pergo outlast or $5700 for engineered hardwood. I don’t want a $5200 mistake. I do have dogs.

    1. The silicon is for the perimeter of the room only, not in between the planks and if you caulk it use backing rod so its does not adhere to the sub floor

    1. Deb,

      Thanks so much for your comment. I just made the adjustment. Outlast+ has the underlayment attached. Thank you for helping me improve the accuracy of this page. If you have any other questions, please let me know!

  127. If i needed to match an existing pergo so to add new outlast, are the colors going to be comparable but with different names?

  128. Man, I’ve seen these rolled up mattresses and always thought that there was no way they can work. As someone who almost never gets a good night’s sleep, this is definitely something my wife and I are going to look in to! Hopefully they’ll ship to Canada!!

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Chris!
      It totally blew my mind. I was like, this is a hybrid… it has coils in it. How?
      But, it totally worked and sleeps very well. A tad on the firm side. Nice!

      Ship to Canada? Might ask them on their Facebook page.

  129. Love the thought and research that you put into this. Glad you found a good one. I’m also intrigued about the mattress coming to life – thanks for providing pictures to show how easy it is. Lastly, congrats on getting good sleep!

  130. I’m sure, on top of everything, this was tough to right. I hope your wife will return to good health and you can enjoy your new home together.

  131. love the info and was confused about the difference between the two but not anymore. With two small dogs and a 2 year old there’s no question that the Outlast is the best choice but wish they had more colors to offer. is there a similar brand that offers the same standards and has more color choices?

    1. I saw that one flooring chain with the yellow and black signs is now selling a “waterproof” floor. I have no data or, experience with their flooring so, it *may* be another option. But, given Pergo’s reputation compared to the yellow and black store, I’m inclined to recommend making your choice from the Pergo Outlast’s selections.

  132. So sorry this is happening to Angela and your family We will keep you all in our prayers and if you need anything let us know

  133. Curious about the Pergo Portfolio line? On Lowes it says it has a rating of AC4 just didn’t know your thoughts.

    Also, I’m finding widely varying comments of love it or never get it. Do you have pergo? Curious your opinion on durability.

    1. I’m finding the same ” some love, some hate” about nearly all flooring.

      I think it comes down to checking specs carefully and installing correctly. Ordering samples is a great way to test yourself. They might cost $5 or so but might save you alot of money.

      I almost ordered $2300 worth of vinyl plank that has great specs ,but after clicking two sample together and doing a puddle test over the seam I found out it was far far from “100% water proof”. It let water through the seam within a minute. This would have destroyed my sub-floor in no time. I’m so glad I ordered atleast two sample to click together. If I had just ordered and installed it would have been a huge mistake. Getting samples to test is a few dollars well spent. I only soaked my kitchen cutting board under the samples!

      1. Scott Williams, Could you send me the name of the vinyl plank you tested? I am getting ready to have vinyl plank installed and have been going through all of the specs between Outlast+ and Coretec Plus, which are the two for which I have narrowed my choices. I can’t afford to make a mistake as I have only limited funds to live on.

      2. Mr. Williams, Could you send me the name of the vinyl plank you tested? I am getting ready to have vinyl plank installed and have been going through all of the specs between Outlast+ and Coretec Plus, which are the two for which I have narrowed my choices. I can’t afford to make a mistake as I have only limited funds to live on.

  134. Rob and Angela….just learned of the brain tumors through Lisa Anderson Parrish, my new broker. My heart is aching for your family! I think of you all fondly and wish I had not lost touch these last years. I retired three years ago after having had six knee surgeries and am enjoying good friends, book clubs, and grandchildren. My newest will arrive the end of January. If there is anything I can do for you please ask.
    Love to you both!

    1. Hi Sally,

      Thanks so much for your comments, care, and concern. We are grateful to be able to re-connect with you!

  135. If putting Pergo Outlast with the backing on it do you also need to put a padding or “barrier over a concrete floor prior to installation My house is a concrete slab and I want to install properly

      Should I Place PADDING or BARRIER over concrete Sub-floor prior to installation ??
      My house is a concrete slab.

  136. Is there bold nose piece for Pergo Outlast-Vintage Pewter Oak to install in stairways? If not, advised other options to install bold nose piece for Pergo Outlast flooring. I have purchase my flooring through Home Depot. Where can I purchase bold nose piece?

  137. We had a bad Lowes experience last week. My oldest daughter had a Pinterest craft that required 3/4″ PVC pipe which they sold in 10′ lengths. We had her car and would’ve bought two if they simply would’ve cut them in half for us so we could get them home. After searching for an employee who then called someone who “worked” in the plumbing area were told they couldn’t do it. I even offered to pay a little for the cuts but the answer was still no. I kicked myself for not bringing my saw from home as I could’ve cut them in the parking lot in a minute or less. We left empty-handed and did what we should’ve done in the first place. We went to our local, family owned hardware store where they gladly cut exactly what she needed (which was 16 ten inch pieces) and didn’t charge us for any of the cuts.

  138. You should have stuck with Mötley… They lasted longer…. I’m sorry for the assholes in your life. Jerry from Savannah….

  139. Such a strong woman to be handling this the way that she is. Not sure I’d have it in me. Also equally strong of Rob to write these pieces and keep us all updated.
    Much love,
    Nicholi and the rest of the Long family

  140. Correction:
    The thickness comparison is incorrect.
    Pergo Timbercraft is 12mm.
    Pergo Outlast is 10mm.
    The composite wood base is thicker on the Timbercraft then the Outlast as well.

      1. I have had the timbercraft wet protect in my house for 3 years. It gets a lot of wear, and I have 2 german shepherds. I live in a flood plane, on a cement slab, which is why I chose this flooring. My screened in porch, had a little standing water for a couple days after we got a ton of rain, and it never came in, on or under this floor. I also installed it myself (first time laying flooring like this), and I put it in before reno was even complete. There were many contractors back and forth across that floor with drywall, lumber, ripped out the ceiling to replace drywall because the insulation had gotten wet, so all that fell all over this floor. Found some nails that had been walked on and zero scratches. Mortar and grout used for the fireplace was all over that floor for a week or more and came right up, as well as paint, and spray paint. Spray paint was a little harder to get up, but it all came off. I have had puppies with many accidents and my wet puddles that I had found randomly. This floor still looks brand new. The maintenance is really easy, and it sure hides dirt, dust, dog hair and all of that amazingly well! This is by far the best flooring I have ever had. I had vinyl plank put down in half the house, and I got the good stuff, commercial grade, and the most durable, which doesn’t even come close to the quality of this pergo, and very little difference in price between the two. The vinyl plank has been awful, incredibly scratched, worn, impossible to keep looking clean and I have med-dark grey tones. The pergo is brookdale hickory, a very dark color and has a scratched texture look. I am now looking to rip out all this vinyl and put down the pergo instead.

        ****I do not nor never have worked for any flooring company of any kind. My comments do not benefit me in any way!

  141. Consumer Report provides no analysis/comparison between laminates and luxury vinyl plank, or just vinyl plank. Could you direct me to a site so I can compare and make an informed decision before committing myself and making a huge mistake?

  142. 12/2 – 9:54pm
    Hi…just bought the pocket juice Portable Charger from Tzumi …the 4000 mAh…smallest and least expensive one for an upcoming business trip….Believe it already comes charged and I can charge my Apple 5 I-phone twice . How do I know when the Pocket Juice is fully charged?…and when it needs to be charged again. Thank you, Anthony Vento – Brooklyn, NY

  143. Hi Rob, I just found your site thru Pinterest and you seem to know your stuff.
    The reason I’m writing to you is because my wife and I are about to buy Pergo flooring for our family room. We have a large dog in our home and several grandchildren that visit frequently so I need your expertise.
    We were going to get a Pergo Woodcraft style from Lowes because I think they have better contractors, but after some investigating of my own on Consumer Reports, I see that Pergo Outlast from Home Depot has better ratings but has limited color selection.

    Any suggestions?

    1. Rick,

      Thanks for your comment. I don’t have access to Consumer Reports so, I’m not sure what their report details. It’s interesting that you say that Consumer Reports rates Outlast better than Timbercraft.

  144. I can’t find any specific information on the Pergo Timbercraft wetprotect technology. For instance, the Outlast Spillprotect 24 specifies that it can handle a standing spill for 24 hours. I can’t find that data for the Timbercraft Wetprotect. Do you have that information? I can’t find it on the Pergo website. We’re considering going with Lowes for purchase/install of a Timbercraft product. We will put it on concrete slab throughout most of the 1st floor including kitchen and bathroom. I did read the info you provided about how to install to make it waterproof, which covers perimeter sealing. (Thanks for that. My experience with Lowes installers is that they can be inconsistent, so I will at least know to check this.) I am concerned about how the seams will handle a standing spill.

    1. In the Installation download, they provide the following information.
      Create a watertight seal by applying flexible 100% silicone sealant to the entire perimeter of the installation.
      DO NOT use acrylic sealant.
      • First fill all expansion spaces with 3/8″ compressible PE foam backer rod and cover with silicone sealant.
      • Prior to installing the moldings, apply silicone sealant to the portion of the molding or transition that will contact
      directly with the laminate flooring surface.
      Install moldings and immediately wipe away any excess silicone sealant.
      Apply silicone sealant at connections to doorframes or any other fixed objects.

  145. Thanks for a clear comparison so we could make a good decision of XP vs Outlast+.
    And – since I stumbled into your blog I also read your post on “things not to say to the parent of an only child” and was so appreciative of that, as well! Will be back to read more – after the flooring installation…!

  146. At 7 years old, my daughter’s love for all animals keeps growing. It is a joy to visit the Zoo and see new discoveries unfold thru her eyes!

  147. Dear Rob, I don’t know you but I am crying for you because I know what you are going through. I lost my brilliant, creative mother to glioblastoma and seeing her decline was so difficult. It sounds crazy to say but your wife is lucky to have someone who loves and knows her so well in these days where putting together even a simple sentence can be a trial. Accept the help from family, friends, and hospice so you can remain strong for her. My prayers are with you and all suffering from this awful disease.

    1. Maria

      Thank you for your comments and prayers. We are so grateful for all the help and support from friends and strangers alike. We continue to take it a day at a time. You and I may not know each other but, this disease has brought us one step closer. I hate this disease and wish a cure was in much closer reach.

  148. Thanks for sharing these stories and your thoughts/emotions/perspectives with us Rob. I continue to ask God to keep touching Angela, you and your children while you all are on this journey.


  149. You both are amazing! I’m so glad she has you to care for her. I’m continuing to pray for a miracle for Angela! May God continue to give you both strength and peace.
    Charlotte Walker

  150. You already know my thoughts and love for you two! You’re an amazing man, Rob. You’ve had the most strength and courage through this journey. I’ve always envied the friendship, love and support you and Ang have always shared with one another through your trials and the happiest moments in your lifetime. I’m so grateful I’ve had front row seats to witness the bond you have with one another. I love you both and thank you for our friendship and encouragement you’ve both given me at times I’ve needed through these past 12+ years. Hugs and love!

    1. Christine

      Thanks SO much for stopping by. I do believe *that* is the most important thing, to live in the moment. And not dwell on the past (too much) or, worry about the future. Thank you for sending love our way, it’s much appreciated.

  151. Those few words back in 1995
    “In sickness and in health” are a haunting reminder of the frustrating and devatating these 12 months have been. I pray that you continue to have the strength to carry on.

  152. Powerful words of peace, light, and love, Rob Ainbinder. Thank you. Most of us cannot remember for five minutes at a time to treasure each moment, to be here now.

  153. Rob, you are amazing. To be able to write, and pivot, and keep on keeping on is truly inspiring. Awesome read. Your family is in my prayers.

    1. Rob, The grace that you & Ang have your displayed through all of this is absolutely amazing and inspiring. I know God has you two in his hands. Love to you!

  154. Rob, reading this brought tears to my eyes. Seeing you go through this is one of the saddest things I have experienced. Just know that we love you and will support you in every way possible. Stay strong and know that I am here for you.
    Love Poppy

  155. Rob as always I cannot find words …………………… I love you both , and God’s strength and Grace sure is part of both of your lives . One day we will understand by and by on the other side :O(

  156. Rob:
    It is both heartbreaking and heartwarming to read your words, written from the heart about this ordeal that you and your wife and family are going through.

    I don’t think I could do what you are doing with the same … grace, for want of a better word.

    I’m thinking good thoughts for you and your family, and I know that the whole dad blogging community is as well.

    1. Adam, thank you. I believe in difficult situations many of us would show up in some unique amazing ways. Thanks for continuing to think good thoughts bon our behalf. The dad blogging community is amazing.

  157. Very thoughtful and well written. You are a shining example of what loving your spouse wholly means. I have lessons to learn.

  158. Rob,
    My thoughts are with you all. I wish you peace of mind and heart. You are a wonderful person and a role model.

  159. I, as I am sure many others, appreciate you sharing this journey with us Rob. I can only imagine the challenges, worries, fears, and pain you, Natalie and Angela deal with. Your love for your wife is evident in your posts and actions. God bless you, Angela, Natalie and the family my friend.

  160. Hi Rob
    I’m so so saddened to hear about your beautiful wife….?…you are amazing husband and dad! She will forever be your angel looking out for you and your gorgeous daughter. We went to high school together…just wanted to reach out to you ❤️

    Love Lisa Feole

  161. This is beautiful Rob… she was very lucky to have you in her life. Your love for her is amazing. Take care of yourself.

  162. Hey Rob……. saw a link to this when doing some of my genealogy research (I recently did the ancestry DNA thing and have been corresponding with your aunt Lois, who is my 2nd cousin). Anyway, just wanted to say how sorry I am for the loss of your wife. Riding the unpredictable waves of grief is never easy. Again my sincere condolences…Robert T Ross, MSW LSW

  163. I did flooring for over 20years, not a lot of laminate however. I do think all the extra sealing of edges with silicone seems a bit much. Silicone is not the easiest caulk to apply correctly.I just watched video with a water balloon battle in the kitchen. I doubt the water proof technique is going to work in that scenario.I may put this product in my house but would not do all those steps to insure the waterproofing,I seriously doubt it would make much difference with water balloon battles going on!

  164. I, too, am at a complete loss of words, Rob. Don’t understand how The Almighty can, at times, seem so cruel…and, that too, for such an extended period of time. I don’t know who is suffering the most: Angela, you or, perhaps, your daughter. Regardless, my respect and admiration for your family, as a unit (and especially you), has grown exponentially after seeing your regular updates with respect to the ordeal that you guys are so unfortunately — putting it mildly — dealt with. Your family’s “situation” puts life in perspective for many of us, I am utterly sure. I now count my blessings much, much more.

    Sending you strength, faith, love, and, above all, lots of prayers.

  165. Checking in with you my friend as Passover and Easter approach. With the passing of my parents several years ago, Hospice always stressed the grief is very individual in its process.

    May G-d bless you and your family.

  166. Thank you experimenting with plant-based beef & Hamburger Helper. I have wanted to try this myself. I may try HH with Beyond Beef and see what happens. I have tried the Beyond Meat Tacos at Del Taco and, as I know how the originals taste, these were disappointing. Thank you again for your experimentation and for sharing with the rest of us!

  167. I made this last night – using Stroganoff Hamburger Helper. I also added some chopped green peppers and cherry tomatoes. First, I sauteed the veggies, then added the Morning Star crumbles, then the sauce mix, milk, water, and noodles. It was delicious and even my husband loved it. We are doing more and more meatless meals for our health.