The Space Between a Blessing – Help

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Prior to my wife’s November 28, 2017, diagnosis we were a very independent-minded, adult couple. There was little need or want of help from anyone. We were, after all, adults. And adults deal with their own problems to the extent humanly possible.

Not that we never accepted help. There was the apartment building fire in the 90s where we escaped to a nearby friends house, the family friend that opened her home to us when moved to Texas a second time and on three different occasions, we stayed with my in-laws for varying amounts of time as we made some housing transitions as well as other family that gifted us at other critical junctures. We have been grateful. 

Since my wife’s diagnosis, she and I been operating day to day in an unusual space. It’s the space between blessing and help. A place neither I nor my wife is comfortable. Although we have an amazing support group, it was initially, very, very hard for us to accept help and blessings on our behalf. 

It’s been a learning experience existing in this “new to us” space. I owe a debt of thanks to Angela’s friends who have visited us over the last three months. They have brought accepting help/blessing front and center. Learning to accept help and blessings from our friends, family, lost connections and flat out random strangers has been a life-altering change in so many ways.

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We are deeply appreciative to all the many people that continue to bless, help, support and love us.

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