The Mattress That (Finally) Helped My Wife & I (Plus the Dog)

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It’s shocking to me how poorly we’ve slept for so long. In particular, my wife suffered from hip and lower back pain upon waking each day. It wasn’t always this way. We had a Sealy innerspring mattress back in the 90s that was a dream. It seems we have compared all mattress we owned since to that one. It was our reference mattress. Since that time we have tried memory foam, two brands of air mattresses, and another brand of innerspring mattress. All mattresses had initial good results but, all declined within 1 -2 years in the comfort they gave us. 

Our Starting Point: Researching Mattresses

Are you researching mattresses? Not ready to buy yet? There are a few sites that surfaced during my research for a new mattress and one that quickly became my favorite.

Sleep Like the Dead – Sleep Like the Dead (SLD) claims to have unbiased ratings for hundreds of sleep products based on 341,263 consumer experiences on its website. And I have to say there is a TON of information on the site and lots of ways to slice and dice (aka sort it).

Mattress Types Considered

From SLD we quickly confirmed that our three previous mattress types:

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Were as bad as we had thought! We also discovered a new mattress type, a hybrid mattress.

Our New Mattress: A Hybrid Mattress from Rest Refreshed

A hybrid mattress combines attributes from a foam mattress and innerspring mattress into a sleep system that offers core support and comfort. 

Image: Rest Refreshed

We thought the combination of sleep technologies might give us greater comfort. 

What is Hybrid Mattress Technology?

The hybrid mattress is a blending of the best of the foam and innerspring mattress types. The Rest Refreshed website states the hybrid mattress is constructed of:

“A base of durable foam beneath the coils provides deep compression support as well as pressure relief for your joints. Two sizes of pocket coils with a thin foam layer in between, help to isolate motion yet still provide some of the bounce you’re looking for. The latex foam top layer ensures comfort and pressure relief without feeling the individual coils – and getting warm or “sinking in” as the night goes on.”

What does it do?

The image below is a pressure map and shows pressure points of three mattress types. From the top, traditional innerspring, memory foam and finally the hybrid from Rest Refreshed. The yellow/red indicates more feeling of pressure/pain. The hybrid has no yellow/red. Nice!

Some other features of the mattress include:

  • Made in the USA
  • Firmness: 5-7 on a ten-point scale
  • All foam is CertiPUR-US® certified foam
  • Coil layer is comprised of over 2,000 microcoil springs (queen-size) that are fabric-encased to create a natural, air movement
  • Proven to withstand over 200,000 rollator cycles with less than 1% height loss
  • Designed to be used with adjustable frames, slatted base, flat platforms or our foundation. Not recommended for box springs unless slats are 4-inches or less apart.
  • Available in all standard sizes
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The Results?

Prior to the Rest Refreshed hybrid mattress, my wife was in severe back pain from our air mattress. I was sleeping okay, but not all the well. I was beside myself. After all the time I spent looking for that air mattress it was time for something else.

After the first night with the hybrid mattress, my wife was thrilled to wake up without the nagging back pain she experienced previously. A few more nights later and I was sleeping soundly and pain-free, too. We were both relieved and delighted to wake up well rested and without pain. Our dog Lilly seemed to like the Rest Refreshed hybrid mattress, too.  

Unboxing the Rest Refreshed Hybrid Mattress

The little touches make a difference like an opener enclosed with the instructions.

Put the mattress up on the bed directly from the box. 

Use the enclosed opener to cut the roll open.

Unfold and lay flat. 

Turn over if necessary so the light/white side is facing up.

Then, cut around the perimeter

The mattress comes to life!

Take the plastic off the top and then, slide it out from underneath.

Over six hours the mattress will come to its full height.


Save $75 off any Rest Refreshed mattress, use code “DDAD75” during checkout (expires 1/31/2018)


Connect with Rest Refreshed

On the Web:

This is a sponsored post. The product was provided but, my experience is my own.



4 Responses

  1. Man, I’ve seen these rolled up mattresses and always thought that there was no way they can work. As someone who almost never gets a good night’s sleep, this is definitely something my wife and I are going to look in to! Hopefully they’ll ship to Canada!!

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Chris!
      It totally blew my mind. I was like, this is a hybrid… it has coils in it. How?
      But, it totally worked and sleeps very well. A tad on the firm side. Nice!

      Ship to Canada? Might ask them on their Facebook page.

  2. Love the thought and research that you put into this. Glad you found a good one. I’m also intrigued about the mattress coming to life – thanks for providing pictures to show how easy it is. Lastly, congrats on getting good sleep!

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