Review of 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander SEL – High Tech & High Style #DRIVEMITSUBISHI

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Wow, we got to spend some time with the 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander SEL in Labrador Black Pearl. As the song goes… “She’s is a beauty”.

Lest you think us inexperienced with this make and model let me reassure you all is well. This is our second time with a Mitsubishi Outlander. The first time, was last year, while we were vacationing in Florida.


Here she is…

Many of the positives from our first drive of the 2016 model year carry over to this 2017 model. The exterior styling was a hit with myself and my wife. My wife liked the alloy wheels in particular and the stance/styling of the front end.


We were again impressed with the total range of this vehicle (aka the miles driven on a tank of gas) as well as the ride, interior/exterior low noise level and interior comfort. 

The interior seemed to have received an upgrade since the last model year. That added to an overall more “luxury” experience within the cabin.

Honestly, who could dislike leather seats? Yes, L E A T H E R…


More velvety smooth leather…. 


And just enough room for my 6′ 1′ frame to manspread… yes! 


One point of comfort for me. I like to rest my left arm somewhere solid while driving. I found the door handles too low and the frame of the window too high to serve as an arm rest. 

But, our Mitsubishi Outlander SEL was not just swanky exterior styling and sumptuous seating surfaces.

Below the well-styled surface lay technology!

SEL Trim Level Standouts

With so much tech to cover in this SUV, I focused on a few things that wowed me. In addition to her good looks, there was the great sounding Rockford Fosgate Audio Package, as well as a Multi-View Camera System, and Blind Spot Warning. All great features for a drive to the beach for a week.

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Rockford Fosgate Audio Package

In short, the audio package really rocks (no pun intended). Between HD Radio, XM Satellite Radio and the music apps available via your smartphone there’s no end to the tunes.


With all the speakers everywhere… the sonic staging was great in the front seats. The teens with us seemed to enjoy the tunes from the second row as well.


And in support of all that is good sonically there is a Rockford Fosgate subwoofer built into the side of the cargo space. It kicked in well with the combination of 80’s rock and current pop music we enjoyed on our trip.


Multi-View Camera System

The multi-view camera system is phenomenal. In short, it combines cameras mounted in the windshield, on each rear view mirror and at the front and the rear in a simulated “bird’s eye” view.


Here’s the location of the camera on the front windshield.


Here’s a slightly blurry picture of the camera located on the bottom of the rear view mirror on the driver’s side. 


And here’s a much clearer picture of the other camera on the passenger’s side rear view mirror.

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There is a camera at the front near the opening for the radiator by the bumper.

and a final camera is on the rear of the vehicle just above the license plate.


So, what does it really look like? Well, you’ll see in the next few images.


First, as you begin backing up. You’ll see a typical rear view camera view on the left part of the screen. And on the right, the real wow. A simulated overhead view. 

When you are pulling into a spot you can get a similar view.


Parking was a lot easier with this system. But, what really helped me with the cargo area packed full was the blind spot warning system.


Blind Spot Warning System

The blind spot warning system illuminates an icon in either of the rear view mirrors when a vehicle is in the blind spot zone.

That made switching lanes very easy and fully aware of vehicles near me.

One decidedly non-technical but, an important area is the cargo area

The Cargo Area

The third-row seats fold down and out of the way nicely. This gives us a maximum of 21.7-cubic-feet in the cargo area.

We loaded up beach chairs, a small cooler and three suitcases.

And that pretty much did it.


All in all, it was a great week with the 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander SEL


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The vehicle in this post was provided to us for our use and my review by DriveShop/Mitsubishi Motors. Thoughts and opinions are my own.

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