Werner vs Little Giant Ladder for DIY & Home Improvement

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One of the most important tools around your house is your ladder. In this post we compare the Werner MT Series MultiLadder to the Little Giant Alta One ladder.

The One 30′ High Job I Didn’t DIY with a Ladder

There was one job, despite my choice in ladders, that I just flat out passed on doing. We had decided to get the exterior of one of our previous homes painted. It seemed like a straight ahead job: replace some siding, pressure wash, scrape loose paint, prime, and paint.

But, I looked at this gable end of the house. When I considered the prospect of hoisting a ladder or, scaffolding, paint bucket and myself up the 30′ +/- feet at this end of the house (and the risk of a fall), I decided I was better off on the ground doing what I do. And we hired some painters to do the work. What we decided to do was to repair, prime and paint the first-floor windows and let the painters do the second-floor windows and paint the trim and body of the house.

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Different Types of Ladders

Ladders come in many sizes and are constructed from wood, fiberglass, and metal. In terms of cost, wood ladders are the least costly followed by fiberglass and metal. Wood ladders are relatively inexpensive but, are not the most long lasting of the different ladders. With use, wood ladders become less stable and if not stored properly can rot from exposure to moisture and the elements. Fiberglass ladders have the benefit of strength, are non-conductive to electricity and will not rot or, rust. Metal ladders are more flexible, re-configurable and have higher weight limits than most other types of ladders.

Comparing Werner MT Ladder to Little Giant Alta One Ladder

Werner 17′ MT Multipurpose Ladder
Little Giant 17′ Alta One Ladder
Werner 17′ MT Multipurpose Ladder
Little Giant Alta-One 17-ft Ladder
18-ft maximum reach in extension ladder position
15-ft maximum reach in extension ladder position
300-lbs weight rating
250-lbs weight rating both sides
Up to 20 adjustable working heights or positions
including: twin stepladder, stairway stepladder, extension ladder or 2-scaffold bases
Up to 24 configurations, including A-frame, staircase, extension ladder and trestle-and-plank scaffolding

My Ladder Choices

For my DIY projects around the house, I started with a wood ladder. With years of use, it became wobbly and unstable. It was inexpensive and an okay started ladder. As we moved from house to house and the roofs became higher, I upgraded to a Werner Multipurpose ladder. As my trusty old wood ladder succumbed to old age, I replaced it with a fiberglass ladder. I like the fiberglass ladder for more indoor projects like painting, installing ceiling fans and other smaller projects. If I have a job in a stairwell or, outside with some height, I opt for the Werner Multipurpose ladder for its height, stability and price. 

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Werner MT Ladder Video


Little Giant Alta-One Velocity Video



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