Coffee for This Dad’s Best Moments: Folgers® Coffeehouse Blend

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I love coffee. So, I was happy to get the chance to work with the J. M. Smucker Company (distributors of Folgers and other great coffee) on this post. I received compensation for this work; but, all recollections and opinions in this post are my own. 

Coffee is an essential tool for me. There’s nothing that takes the place of coffee. Believe me, I’ve tried to find a replacement. There was this brief month or, so last year that my wife and I tried some premium hot tea? Nope, not the same. At all.

Coffee has been an integral part of my adult life.

Our Coffee Story 

When my wife and I met (in 1995) and started dating we lived in Florida and happened to be working for the same retailer. We spent more than 45 – 50 hours per week working at Bed, Bath, & Beyond in Fern Park, Florida. You might say it was a bit like some story Death & Beyond. Some weeks we even had the (dis) pleasure of working a closing shift one night and an opening shift the very next day. This type of scheduling yielded the tiniest amount of time for sleep. Working that kind of back breaking, sleep deprived, energy sapping hours called for some serious morning caffeination.  

Our coffee evolved from the occasional cup of (dare I say it) flavored instant coffee 

Coffee on a Sunday Morning 

During the early years of our relationship as a couple, we treasured.. no, savored Sunday mornings. Especially the Sundays we weren’t scheduled to work. These were Sundays to enjoy our free time. A big part of this time together was a steady backdrop of smooth jazz from the local station at the time, WLOQ 103.1. We had a leisurely morning, enjoyed the company of one another and had great brunches. After that, we might venture out, do some exploring and shopping or, hang out by the community pool.

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The origin of this Sunday morning ritual can be found in my childhood. Mom prepared brunches or, big breakfasts (schedule depending)  throughout my early years. Even though times were lean, we always had some kind of Sunday morning feast comprised of scrambled eggs, toast, and fruit. Sundays were special then, and continue to be. 

Years passed by, we moved several times and our daughter came along with her a demand for us to have even more coffee. Where we were once, a cup of Joe a day. Now, we are two or, more caffeinated beverages.

In the Morning – Current Day



The early morning, a fresh brewed aroma stealthily makes its way from our Keurig brewing system to fill the kitchen. It’s teasing me that some hot, liquid, caffeinated sustenance is soon on its way. Maybe I am even addicted (just a little bit).



More importantly, I get to share every morning with this lady. First thing in the morning, before the first cup, we might not be that talkative. But, all the same, it’s important to be able to start our day like this and not have the 50+ hour work commitments we had earlier in our relationship.



After the few cups in the morning, I get some work done. And the early afternoon brings me my next opportunity for caffeination.

Afternoon Cold Brew Coffee


In the early Spring and Summer, I really like a cold brewed coffee. Cold brew sounds complex but, it’s deceptively simple. In the cooler month, the third cup of hot brewed coffee is usually fine.


“Brewing Cold Brew”

Cold brew isn’t brewed, it’s more like it’s steeped.

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Add some coffee to the stainless steel brewer.


Add in some cold water.


Then, wait about 24 hours. This is the brewing step in cold brewing.


24 hours later, we have cold brew coffee.


The cold part of cold brew happens once you transfer the coffee to your storage container and store it in your refrigerator.

Some cold brew systems have you “brew” the cold brew coffee in the refrigerator.  I’ve found good results and flavor with a 24 hour brew on the counter.


I add some ice into a glass.



Then, add the coffee.


Will all this coffee, I am ready at a moment’s notice for whatever life throws at me.

Ready to Save My Daughter

Most often, I heed a call to save my daughter from an insect that has almost magically infiltrated her room. No matter the size of the pest, I am there to save the day.


Some Father’s Day Ideas from Folgers® Coffeehouse Blend

  • No matter how your dad makes or takes his coffee, with Folgers® Coffeehouse Blend you can add anything to it and brew it anyway, and still taste the coffee.
  • Treat the coffee-loving dad in your family to the Folgers Coffeehouse Blend coffee suite, complete with Folgers Coffeehouse Blend, and some favorite ways to enjoy it with a French press and an array of creamers and sweeteners.

What’s Special About Folgers Coffeehouse Blend?

Regardless of how I brewed Folgers Coffeehouse Blend coffee, it had good aroma and taste. 

Folgers Coffeehouse Blend is a medium-dark roast designed to produce a unique coffee experience that starts off smooth and ends with a bold, distinct flavor.

It is the perfect blend to prepare with all the new and trendy brewing methods like Pour Over, French Press, Cold Brew, or your trusty automatic drip coffee maker and Keurig® brewing system.

With a blend this versatile, coffee fans alike can create – and explore – their favorite brewing traditions and discover something new right at home. 

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What Does Coffee Mean to You? Let Me Know in the Comments Below.

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