Chris Cornell Dies : A Black Hole in My Sun

If you have been under a rock or, otherwise don’t follow “rock” music, Chris Cornell passed away last week.

I saw Chris perform at least two times with Soundgarden in the early 90s. Once at Lollapalooza Orlando and one other time. I was introduced to the band’s music by a singer I was working with in a band called Fiskus. The band didn’t last but, my connection to Soundgarden and Chris Cornell did. When I started listening to Cornell/Soundgarden I was in my 20s. I found some solace during tougher times and some good rocking to celebrate with among their many tracks.

Some of my first digital music was Cornell and Soundgarden. I was never one for much vocal music. But, Cornell was among the few exceptions for me. Maybe it was his ballsiness or his range. I’m not totally sure. Maybe a combination of the two. What I did know is that there are few other artists I have followed for as long or, stayed as interested in. In fact, I’d followed Cornell’s discography pretty consistently over the last 20 years. 

Thursday morning, May 18. I am at the kitchen table taking the first slugs of coffee from my Keurig brewed cup of coffee for the day. I am groggily scanning Facebook as I come out of my sleep induced coma when I spot a post that gets my attention. The post simply has two pictures of Cornell and the words “RIP”. The post has no link to a story or, anything I can see to support it. In this day of #fakenews, bogus Wikipedia entries and the like, I pause. My mind questions, could this be real? I switch apps over to Google Search and query the search engine quickly tapping in … Chris Cornell. 

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This is what I saw:

I stopped, clicked and read. Shock, grief and upset all wrestled within me. A few tears semi-formed as I took another slug of coffee. 

I spent the next 24 hours going through the catalog of music I had and watching some really great videos on YouTube and shared by friends on Facebook.

A profusion of dedications and new information streamed across my social channels. I was still processing this death and what it meant to me.  He was one of the best voices from the grunge era no doubt. And now he was gone.

What I didn’t know before his death, was that in the intervening years since I saw him perform live, he had become a dad and had a daughter.

I think being a dad now myself, this struck a cord with me the most. Regardless of how he passed his daughter would grow up without a dad. And that to me was as sad as his passing. 

I admit I’ve hugged my daughter a bit tighter since his passing.  

Rock on, Chris.


Rob Ainbinder

Rob is an SEO and Marketing strategist, creator, writer, entrepreneur, blogger, Dad and husband. He is also the author of “Mastering Google Keep”. In his spare time, Rob enjoys completing home improvement projects, crafting barbeque and cheering on the New England Patriots. Rob lives with his family (daughter, and dog Lilly) in Greensboro/High Point/Winston-Salem area of North Carolina.

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