Fifty Shades Darker – A Guy’s Survival Guide

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This past week saw the release of the second in the series of Fifty Shades franchise movies. Fans of the books have waited around 400 days to see the latest film. What follows is a quick guide to surviving the experience. 

I noticed some things that should help you not only survive the experience (as a guy) but, thrive (and possibly) even benefit from attending :-)  

#1 Do Not Belittle or, Otherwise Disparage Fifty Shades 

As we walked up to the movie theater,  I was provided with a vivid example of how not to support your fan. The couple getting their tickets next to us had the usual chit chat with the ticket attendant but, during the exchange, we heard the guy of the couple, interject “unfortunately” into the fact that he was attending the screening. In short, Be a good sport. It’s that simple. She doesn’t bitch and moan about your NFL, WWE, PGA or, Monster Jam obsession, does she? Return the favor. It’s a small commitment in time and you might be elevated a bit in her eyes. 

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#2 Go To The Best Theater In The Area with Recliners and Other Bells/Whistles

There is a two-fold benefit in seeking out a “better” movie theater. Your lady will see the commitment in the surroundings from your usual movie haunt. If your in an area with great theaters, awesome. Is there one with VIP or concierge type service? The effort here is to make it a bit more special. Additionally, you will likely be able to both select a drink that you like. In our case, I picked a local craft beer. My wife selected some wine.

#3 Pay Attention to the Movie (Not Your Phone), There Will Be a Quiz Later, Sort Of

This should go without saying, but, that couple I mentioned at the beginning of this post were seated right across the aisle from us. And, in another striking example of what not to do, the guy was more focused on his phone than the movie. What happens on the car ride home and your lady wants to talk about the movie? Yeah, you’ll be dead in the water with a paddle. Easy to avoid this, put the phone on silence and watch the movie. Maybe even hold hands, whoa!

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#4 Be Prepared to Be One of Just a Few Guys In The Movie

There will likely be just a few guys showing up to watch this film. Think of it this way, your lady will appreciate your presence and she might think the other ladies just a bit envious. This works to your advantage. And the best part, you don’t even have to do anything special.

#5 Wait Until After the Credits for a Preview of the Next Movie and Plan Valentine’s 2018 for the Next Installment

Luckily, an usher clued us in as we were heading out. We caught the preview after the credits for the next movie. 

Fifty Shades Darker Trailer

Do you have some tips to share with other guys seeing the movie? Leave your additions in the comments below.

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