Medaloni Cellars Lewisville, NC Meetup

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Friends, social media mavens, and fellow digital creatives descended upon Medaloni Cellars for one of our area’s blogger meetups. The meetups offer us opportunities to step out from behind the screen and catch up with one another in real life (IRL) and experience something somewhere we may not have been before.

Medaloni Cellars was just what the doctor ordered. Thanks to Kristen for orchestrating!

From the parking lot the upper bar area and firepit are set at the top of a rise.

The approach from the parking lot, the upper bar.
The approach from the parking lot, the upper bar and firepit.

After making your way down the access road the main barn area greets you with doors wide open. Nice setup.



I wasted no time getting some wine and enjoying the sunset out the rollup doors…


After a little wine, it was time for our tour with Joey. We headed back up the hill towards the secondary bar area. A fire was roaring the firepit. Joey shared some of the backstory of acquiring the land, clearing some of the land and opening this boutique vineyard.



Bungs & 75% Wine, Oh My

A basket of bungs for the bunghole in the wine barrels.
A basket of bungs for the bunghole in the wine barrels.

Bungs are what go in the bunghole of a barrel of wine. They keep the wine in and airborne stuff out.

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Straight to the glass. This was some completely unmodified wine that had been aging for just a little while.

Did you know that a wine can be considered a certain varietal according to standards, as long as it has 75% of one varietal? That means your favorite chardonnay or cabernet can have up to 25% of another kind of wine in it. I never knew.

We tasted a number of different wines and we were implored by Joey to consider if they were any good first. Not what made them good/bad. But, simply if they were good to start with.

An interesting approach to tasting.

Joey is a cool guy and he knows quite a bit about wines. A little selfie for posterity? Why not!

Here’s a view of their production room. At any time they can have a number of wines in production.

After our wine tasting in the production room we headed back to main barn for some more wine and conversation.


This was a view from my chair on the patio. Really nice and chill place to hang out for the evening.


If you are in the Triad and looking for something fun to do, check out Medaloni Cellars.

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