Top Tip for Google Keep: Location Based Reminders

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Do you use Google Keep? If you do/don’t it doesn’t matter. I want to share one of my favorite features in Google Keep with you. It’s Location Based Reminders

Google Keep is in some ways like Evernote. Keep is a note taking application that syncs with the web app at Among its many features are adding a photo to a note, marking up a photo and extracting text from a photo. When you are done creating a note and messing with photos… this is where reminders come into play.

There are two types of reminders that you can attach to a note/list. One is based on time/date. The other is based on your location.

How to Set a Location Based Reminder in Google Keep

Open up or, log into Keep on your smartphone. Then, write a list or, note out and tap on the reminder icon. Then, select a location. This pane will pop-up to Pick place. Choose a place & click Save



After you click Save, the next time you approach the set location you will receive a notification on your phone alerting you to the location/note.

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