Lee Jeans for Me & For You, Too! Jeans (or Khakis) for Guys a Giveway

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Note: The Lee jeans were provided to me, my honest opinion follows.

Being a dad and a little older guy (late 40’s), you walk a fine line in the clothing department. You don’t want to look like you are trying to look younger but, at the same time, you might want something that is a little more updated than those jeans from the 90s.

Let’s take a skinny cut jean, (most) of the guys I know most likely wouldn’t choose that cut.

me guy in skinny jeans. Not me. Photo via Pixabay.
Some guy in skinny jeans. Not me. Photo via Pixabay.

We might choose loose fit, straight cut, athletic cut or, relaxed fit.

And let me be clear, I am far from a “clothes horse” type of guy. Additions to my closet aren’t all that frequent.

In fact, I think the last time jeans were added to my closet were at Dad 2.0 back in February

I was given the choice of a few styles for my test so, after consulting with my Wife, it was decided. She picked the Lee Jeans Active Comfort Slim Fit Modern Series Jeans

I was skeptical… if not wary. Slim Fit sounded too close to something like Skinny Fit, which I don’t like. And, I think look a little weird on a guy my age.

But, looking at the slim fit, they seemed like they might work.

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So, What Exactly is a Slim Fit?

Well, they are comfortable with room to move. That might be due to the jeans blend of 98% Cotton/2% Spandex. It could also be the cut. They aren’t as generous in the leg as a regular fit but, not skin tight like a skinny cut seems.

After I tried them on, they were comfortable and my Wife approved. :-)


I even wore them out to a meeting the other day and they seemed to work fine. Not too tight, not too loose.


They turned out to be a very comfortable pair of jeans. I think I like them quite a bit, actually. And my Wife says we will be buying another pair in the future.

Win Lee Jeans (or Khakis) For You, Too – Giveaway Below!

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The great people at Lee have also given me the opportunity to give you a pair of jeans. For this giveaway I will award one pair in one of the styles below.



Slim Fit is designed to fit closer to the body while offering more stretch, giving men the modern look they want without losing the ability to freely move in their denim. With Active Comfort Denim technology and optimized flexibility, our Slim Fit jeans feel light on your body and inspire you to move.

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Athletic Fit jean combines the best of athletic wear and denim to create a non-invasive, modern and form-fitting look for men who have more muscles and need a little extra room. The jean has more stretch fabric and higher recovery, meaning it’s snug where you need it and non-invasive where you don’t—so you can move freely, comfortably and confidently throughout your day without settling for one comfortable part of your body over the other.





The X-Treme Comfort Khakis are built for comfort and action using athletic inspired details like mesh pockets, active comfort stretch, and a flexible waistband.  With more stretch fabric and an elastic waistband – similar to athletic pants – that forms to your body, the X-Treme Comfort Khakis give you unlimited freedom of motion to do whatever you want.




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12 Responses

  1. I’m hoping for jeans for hubby. He always wears his to work and never has a nice pair to wear when we go anywhere. Lee’s are too nice to work on motors with. Hubby is a grease monkey.

  2. Hubby needs jeans so I am entering for him but I am sure he will be wearing these all the time if we win

  3. I would give these to my husband. What would he do in his Lee’s? He would work hard and play harder. He would be his wonderful self.

  4. I am entering for my husband and he said he would wear them out on a family outing like or even work if they are comfortable

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