Google Pixel AI Launch 10-4-2016 Live blog

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Google launch event today.

12:11 PM

Photo recognition

Voice recognition

Self-learning machine translation – Billions of queries able to be translated

Text to speech – natural language, analyze the raw underlying soundwaves of spoken word.

12:14 PM
Google Allo, assistant continuously learns.

12:15 PM

Rick Osterloh, hardware at Google. Hardware has become more complex.
Building hardware and software together allows us to deliver the best of hardware and software. Regardless of form factor. Our devices just work for you.

12:18 PM
This is a natural step and we have lots in store today. Let’s get started with phones.

Pixel Phone by Google

We designed everything. Rear glass with polished aluminum case.

Hardware and software work together.

5 Things.

Pixel is first with Google Assistant
Cloud for photos
Mobile Virtual Reality.

Assistant understands context of screen to deliver result.

Assistant completes OpenTable reservation.

DXO Mark Mobile photo rating of 80, highest rating ever for a smartphone.

12.3 MP rear camera.
Software based smartburst photos, camera will self-select best photo.

Google Photos is built in.

Pixel owners will get free unlimited photo/video storage.

4K Video.


Google Duo… knock knock previews the video caller

Pixel battery – quick charge 7 hrs of power with 15 min of charging.

Transfer of messages, calendars, email, etc.

5″ or, 5.5″ size

Available in 3 colors… Quite Black, Really Blue , Very Silver

Daydream VR ready

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Verizon exclusive partner and

Google store price $649 or $27/mo

12:40 PM Clay – Google VR

It’s something we believe will be something important. Impact how we work, learn, and explore.
Daydream mobile VR. Apps, phones, controllers.

Daydream View VR  Headset
– Comfort – Soft breathable fabrics, using clothing designers. 30% lighter.
– Easy to use
– Room for glasses

Pixel phones are Daydream ready. Others from partners will be, too.

Snow, Crimson, Slate colors available.

12:46  Adrienne VR Partnerships for Daydream

JK Rowling partners with Google for new VR adventure.

GunJack 2 … POV shooter for DayDream VR.


50 partners to deliver apps/games before year end.

Google Play
Google Streetview… Faroe island sheepview
YouTube 360 and VR demos

12:51 PM
November launch $79

Mario, Google Home

OnHub and improvements …
Google Wifi… multiple points work together
Network assist optimizes behind the scenes.
Companion app to pause wifi access.
Pre-order Nov
Ship in Dec

1 pk $129
3pk $299

Chromecast now at 30 million sold.

Chromecast Ultra – 4K, UHD, Dolby Vision with ethernet adaptor

Google Play movies in 4K in November

12:58 PM Google Home
Ask with your voice.
Control devices.
Touch panel on top to control
Far-field microphones with mute.
Dual passive side radiators and front facing driver speakers.

“OK Google”

Music demo with voice volume control.

Compatible with Spotify, Pandora, Google Music, TuneIn.  Set default music service.
Cast audio support from other Android devices.

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1:04 PM

Google Home gets answers to your questions.

Demo of Knowledge Graph query retrieval. With featured snippets.

Translate example.

“My Day” will summarize your agenda for the day.

Voice controlled timers
Google Assistant Shopping lists.. .Google Keep?
“Flip a coin”

1:10 PM

Phillips, Nest, IFTT, Samsung SmartThings partners
Chromecast will allow control of TV.

No phones needed. YouTube on TV via Chromecast.
Control with voice… pause

Netflix soon to support Google casting via Chromecast.
Google Photos on the TV.. via Chromecast example

1:15 PM

Voicecasting control of speaker systems and Google cast speakers and embedded TVs.
Multiroom casting  with same content.

$129 with free YouTbe red for 6 months.

Ships Nov 4. Pre-order today. 6 base colors and 6 fabric colors.

[Google Home New Commerical]

1:18 Scott Huffman Google Assistant

Open ecosystem. Partners and others will offer snippets from trusted websites.

Actions on Google launch in December.
Direct Actions – like Google Home automation, expands on
Conversation Actions – like booking Uber take more conversation. API.AI

1:22 PM
Future work in voice contexts on other devices.

Ask what you want, Google will find it,
Actions on Google

Google Assitant SDK to launch next year

1:24 PM Scott

The Phone and Google Home first to bring Google Assistant

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