What is Grade AC Rating, What Does it Mean? – AC Hardness Grading Scale for Laminate Flooring

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What is the AC Rating (Abrasion Criteria Rating) and What Does It Mean?

The European Producers of Laminate Flooring (EPLF) is a trade association of laminate floor manufacturers that has developed an Abrasion Rating System to give consumers a way of determining durability and recommended application for different laminate floors. The common term used to indicate the durability of laminate flooring is the Abrasion Criteria or “AC” rating.

AC Ratings List & Meaning

The higher the AC rating, the more durable the flooring is. Below are the five levels of the AC rating system from AC1 to AC5.

  • AC1 Rating – Moderate Residential Laminate. This laminate floor is only designed and tested to withstand light traffic inside homes. They are suitable for closet and bedroom floors.
  • AC2 Rating – General Residential Laminate – This laminate floor is designed and tested for homes and are designed to withstand minimal wear. They are suitable for dining rooms and living room floors.
  • AC3 Rating – Heavy Residential/Moderate Commercial Laminate – This laminate floor is designed and tested for residential and commercial spaces with mild traffic. They are great for offices and hotel floors.
  • AC4 Rating – General Commercial Laminate – This laminate floor is designed and tested to withstand every type of residential use as well as high traffic commercial areas. They are ideal for boutiques and cafe floors.
  • AC5  Rating – Heavy Commercial Laminate – This laminate floor is designed and tested for the highest commercial traffic areas. They are made for department stores and walkway floors.
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How Is Laminate Floor AC Rating Tested?

To determine a laminate floor’s AC rating a test using TABER® Rotary Platform Abrasion Tester is used. Simulated wear is produced by contact of the test laminate floor against the sliding rotation of the two abrading wheels.

AC Rating Video

This is an AC rating test video from Pergo. In this video, they are testing Pergo MAX on a Taber Abrasion Tester.

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