Why is Having an Only Child Awesome? Dads of One Answer

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Being a dad of one / only child brings with it a unique set of circumstances. In this post, dads of only children provide answers to the question “Why is Having an Only Child Awesome?”

Why is Having an Only Child Awesome?

“It lets us focus on just her, she gets to experience a lot of things for herself and has a lot of space to herself to be creative and adventurous.”
B.K. Mullen – The Poppin’ Bottles Dad-Cast! http://poppinbottlesdadcast.com/

“I feel like I can really focus my attention on a single child. I also grew up in a family where either financially or because schedules were too tight, I was unable to do a lot of the things I wanted to as a kid. Martial arts, boy scouts, baseball, I asked to join them all, but it never happened. With one child, I think when the time comes, and he shows an interest in something, I will have the time and money to let him do the things he wants.”
Joseph Mastropiero – Just Another Dad www.justanotherdad.com

“Having one child is awesome because you can give that child all the attention that he or she needs.”
Larry Interrante – petercdad.blogspot.com

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“Having an only child gave us a lot of time to spend with our daughter in the early years. She has been pretty free to explore activities she likes (with an eye on our budget). She’s been involved more with our stuff as well. Which is cool in many ways. She may have even matured a bit faster due to this. I guess it should come as little surprise that she spends time creating on her computer. It’s what she’s seen her parents do a fair amount of.”
Rob Ainbinder

Why do you think having an only child is awesome? Let me know in the comments below. And while you are at it, visit some of the dads featured above for more insight.

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