Triad Highland Games 2016: Good Food, Entertainment, Add Up to Fun

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We decided to check out the Triad Highland Games on Saturday. The weather cooperated (for the most part), the clans were gathered, beer and food were just right. And we had the great fortune to run into a few friends!

Did I mention the weather? Yeah, with highs in the low 70’s, sunshine and blue skies, it was the perfect day to take a drive up to Bryan Park and partake in the sights, sounds and tastes of the Games.

My lovely wife and I at the Highland Games. And if there’s no photo, there’s no proof, right?

About the Triad Highland Games

So, what are the Triad Highland Games? The Triad Highland Games Inc. is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization.The Mission of the Triad Highland Games is to “commemorate, demonstrate, educate, and celebrate Scottish heritage”. And each year, they do just that through several events, the largest of which are the Games.

Jamestown Pipe & Drum band.

The clans are all gathered in the row of pop-up canopies behind the band, note the flags? Cool stuff. The Jamestown Pipe & Drum band were great. Something about those pipes hits you Down. Deep. And what’s a festival without beer, food and live music? Yes, we checked that out as well.

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Highland Brewing van
Highland Brewing with full tap service from this van. Quite a set-up!

No, we didn’t just look at the beer, we drank, too!

My Tasgall II Scotch Ale (near) and my wife’s Gaelic Ale (far). Good brews!

My Clan (Not) Discovered

I have always wondered about my family connection to Scotland and Clans. I know that my Grandfather on my Mom’s side was from Scotland but, never knew if there was a connection to a Clan. My friend Phil and I headed over to a tent were a volunteer was available to help investigate your family name. And the answer? No clan connection could be found. So, although my family had likely spent quite a few generations there, they were not connected directly to a clan. That part of my family riddle was settled. At least now, I knew.

Food & Entertainment

The Highland Games did not disappoint in the food and entertainment categories either. For food, there was barbeque, burgers and a traditional Scottish food vendor. We opted for the burgers.

The burgers were from the Porterhouse Burger Truck and they were great burgers. I opted for the Truck Burger and my wife went with the “All The Way” Burger. Delish burgers and they were served up hot, fresh and fast. If you see the burger truck out at a festival I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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The "Truck Burger" from the PorterHouse burger truck.
The “Truck Burger” from the PorterHouse burger truck.

And what of the entertainment? We were lucky enough to catch two sets from a really great band from South Carolina, Syr (pronounced Sire). Syr are folk/rock band and they were fantastic. Mother nature colluded with Syr and we were glad she did, because had it not rained for a few minutes, we might have missed their second set. Both sets had a great mix of original music and some traditional drinking songs. We liked them so much we bought a CD of their music.

Syr folk rock band, did not disappoint. Great performances!
Syr folk rock band, did not disappoint. Great performances!

All in all it was a great day! Glad we checked it out.

If you want to keep up to date with the Highland Games, check out their Facebook page.

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