Too Much Work + Too Little Sleep = Bad Consequences|Enter to Win a Queen Size Restonic Mattress #KingofRest

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king of rest
Grabbing winks wherever you can is all in a day’s work for me. Here, I caught some winks while my wife was choosing tile.

I learned the hard way about what sleep does for you. I remember I was working a job at a marketing agency and I was told that my clients were “under performing”. By nature, I am a very conscientious and through employee so, this news came to me as a bit of a shock. But, what it did to me internally (and by extension my family) was another story altogether.

I became so pre-occupied with work that I short circuited my sleep cycle. I was so overwrought with worry that my work ethic had gone into hyperdrive simultaneously trying to “correct” the situation, keep managers and account personnel up to date, re-doing reports multiple times, bi-weekly follow-up meetings and filling out numerous internal forms. I wound up working 80+ hours a week to try and cure the perceived deficiency. This had me working 8 hours during the day at the office and additional 8+ hours while at home. I would come home, eat dinner then, work until 12 midnight. Sleep for a few hours, do a little more work before going to work. I was becoming frazzled. Emotionally drained and stressed. The negative results were many. First, my wife said she had “never seen me this way before.” Second, I missed time with my daughter. Third, I was near manic… sometimes even in tears over the situation. I wanted to correct things badly, and wanted to keep the job worse. It seemed I was fighting against some insurmountable odds. I was tired, stressed and under a huge pile of work. And in the middle of it all, I totaled my pickup truck.

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My pickup truck totaled.

I was lucky. No one was hurt. Only the vehicles. This frenzied cycle repeated for 60 days, of work – dinner – work – sleep – work – work. And at the end of 60 days, I lost my job anyway. It was found I had made “inadequate progress”, too many errors in my reports and not compliant with internal documents. When I was called into my boss’s office, it was a weird sense of relief to be done with that pressure cooker of a workplace. What is important is that I realized I must sleep regularly because healthy sleep is a lifestyle choice and that sleep affects everything in our lives. In addition despite what happened at that job, I can and do bring success to clients. And most important, that I must have time for my family,for sleep and even the occasional nap).

Something for You & Me

With this campaign we can both win a Restonic HealthRest® Queen Mattress. Details on how to help me and how you can enter are below.

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How Can You Help Me?

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As part of this #KingofRest campaign, you have the chance to enter to win a Restonic HealthRest® Queen Mattress. Use the form below to enter.

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At Restonic, we enjoy life with gusto. And we know life’s balancing act isn’t easy – but it is simple. Everything we do supports the dreams of the people who sleep on our mattresses and we’re guided by the principle that a healthy night’s sleep is a right, not a privilege. Every Restonic mattress is handmade with better quality materials and greater attention to detail than comparably priced mattresses from competitive brands. Restonic is the supporting dreams company.

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Disclosure: I have partnered with Life of Dad  and Restonic Mattress for this promotion.

10 Responses

  1. I am in need of a new mattress because the one I am currently sleeping in belonged to my parents from 20 years ago! It’s time for it to go!

  2. My parents need a new mattress. Theirs is probably 20 years old and they both have back/neck issues. I would love to be their favorite child :)

  3. We need a new mattress because ours is 17 years old (nope, that isn’t a typo) and a full size. My mom teases me every time she visits that my husband & I have a full size bed. Given that he’s 6′-4″, I think he might appreciate the extra length of a queen, but it’s something we always put off. Winning would force us to finally upgrade. ;)

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