Father’s Day Gift Guide 2016 – Barbeque Edition

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This Father’s Day help Dad get a little more fun out of his time cooking outdoors. Need some ideas for the guy that likes to barbeque? Below are a selection of gifts for the Dad in your life for Father’s Day. (Honestly, this is a list of things I really wouldn’t mind getting, too.)

ThermoWorks ThermaQ Thermometer Kit


Temperature is critical to good barbeque and knowing temperature at the cooking grate and in the meat is essential. The ThermoWorks ThermaQ will do the job. Two temperature probes (one with a grate clip, and probe for the meat) have you covered. What’s really cool about this thermometer? It’s backlit and it has up to a 100 decibel alarm for both high temperature and low temperature for each of the two probes. And, and there’s more (yes really)… it’s accurate to ±0.7° that’s a little over one half a degree. Price: $209

Here’s ThermoWorks video of the ThermaQ

Steven Raichlen “Project Smoke”

If your guy cooks barbeque, he probably reads about it as well. In this just published book, Steven explores the many methods of barbeque and other forms of smoking.
Included in the book are 100 recipes for smoking every kind of food, from appetizers to desserts. Smoked dessert? Why not? Price: $13.47 (paperback) 

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Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Offset Smoker

Oklahoma Joe's Highland Offset Smoker
Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Offset Smoker

Charbroil makes these pits and the Oklahoma Joe Highland offset smoker offers a good smoker for the money. You can pay more for a barbeque pit and you will get things like heavier gauge steel but, this pit should perform well for most backyard cooks. Besides, why not save a little cash and use it to buy the meat for your next cook? What’s good about this pit? It’s fairly heavy gauge steel construction, sprung steel stay cool handles, expanded metal storage shelf and hefty tubular legs and up to a good price to weight ratio. Price: from $440.99






Legends of Texas Barbecue Cookbook

legends-of-texas-barbeque-book-second-editionThis is an essential book for the barbeque cook in your life. I own a previous edition of this book and the update looks like it’s worth it. Lots of great details and recipes from Texas about their style of cooking barbeque. A combination of pictures, stories and recipes make for great reading. Price: $15.30







What are some of your Father’s Day gift ideas for the barbeque enthusiast? Let me know in the comments below.

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