Superman vs. Batman: How It’s Like Dealing with my Teenage Daughter

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The new movie “Superman vs. Batman: Dawn of Justice” just premiered around the country. In the movie Lex Luthor (for some unknown reason) decides to pit Superman against Batman. In the end, he is successful in doing this. The movie led me to think about Batman and Superman’s differences and how they are in many ways comparable to the trials and tribulations of raising our teenage daughter.

  1. Batman is from Gotham and Superman is from Metropolis. My daughter and I are from the same universe but, not the same world.  For example, my daughter lives fully engrossed in Snapchat, YouTube or, the latest Facebook quiz alongside her phone for texting. I share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or, write on this blog.
  2. Batman and Superman each have their own type of justice. One is more vigilanti the other slightly more altruistic. In the way they approach justice, we approach language. We speak the same language but, don’t often understand one another. My teenager’s use of sarcasm flies to new heights daily and perpetually inhibits understanding even the tiniest of  my caring gestures.
  3. Batman is a spoiled rich kid. Superman is an alien from a working class family. That’s for sure! My teenager daughter has WAY more than I ever did and she swears I am from another planet! Why do I think that? It’s that look she gives me whenever I crack a joke. You know the one, the one that says “Dad, that really wasn’t funny”.
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How is dealing with your teenage daughter like the clash of Batman vs. Superman? Tell me in the comments below.

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