Cleaner Eating Update: Weight Loss, Besam, Beanitos, Brownies & Coffee (Yeah, Coffee)

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It’s been more than a few weeks since I’ve written about our better eating journey and I have lots to report! Since January 1, 2016, we’ve instituted many cleaner eating changes.


Weightloss, since January 1, for my Wife and I has totalled:

My Wife: 16 lbs
Me: 9 lbs

Weightloss Recipe Hits & Misses (Besam & Beanitos)

Technically, it’s better eating recipes not, weight loss recipes but, the end results are the same. You wind up eating better calories and losing weight.

On Pinterest? We have a board where we collect recipes to try.

Besam Flour Experiment #1

This was a 100% Besam flour pita-like attempt. The goal of this was to find out if we could make a pita like bread product from Besam flour. Beasm flour is a higher nutrient flour (made from beans) than a traditional white flour.

20160112_164713Okay, it’s yellow. That’s certainly different. Besam flour in the background.

20160112_170613Glad I used my ceramic non stick frying pan.

20160112_171857The goal was to be able to flip it. I tried this recipe 3 times. And it either burned or, was a half-baked pile of…. whatever. Eff it! In the trash.


Besam Flour Experiment #2

I was not to be deterred. For my second experiment, I found a recipe that combined whole wheat flour and besam flour. That seemed reasonable.
My wife likes spicy foods so, I tried this Spiced Chickpea Flatbread recipe.

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Some of the ingredients. Girl Scout cookies in the background. Note: I had exactly 1 Girl Scout cookie the entire time we sold them.
Besam whole wheat flour flatbread.
Okay, I think I can work with this. It kneads… maybe we’re on to something.
This is turning into something interesting.
This is turning into something interesting. Yeah, I cooked it with some oil.
Some success. Flatbread and chicken tortilla soup.
Success! Flatbread and spicy chicken soup.

Some notes on this recipe: The next time we make it, nothing spicy goes into the flatbread. Especially when competing with this soup recipe. Turns out there was too much spice in the flatbread. And in this case, my Wife wasn’t looking for spice in the bread. Truth is, neither was I. On another note, this type of flatbread seems to be best right after you cook it. The next day, meh.

Beanitos + Frito Pie = Beanito Pie

What? Bean chips? Yes! These whole bean chips are excellent. We are partial to the black bean, chipotle BBQ and pinto bean varieties. The pinto bean especially. Gluten free, protein and low glycemic index. So, these chips hang with you bit. When combined with a turkey chilli we re-create a Texas staple Frito Pie as Beanito pie. It’s way healthier and just as yummy. We found the Beanitos at a local Food Lion and Christmas Tree Shoppe.

There’s a number of recipes on the Beanitos website (which I didn’t even think to check). But, we’re going to try out.

Beanito pie: Turkey chili, Beanitos and some shredded cheese.
Beanito pie: Turkey chili, Beanitos and some shredded cheese. Yummo!

Sadly, on our recent trip to Austin, we missed the chance to get a picture outside their offices.

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Chicken Marsala (Lightened Up)

I love chicken marsala and my wife knows it. I blame my upbringing in a predominately Italian settled Merrimack Valley (and I love them all for it.) But, truth is that chicken marsala can use a lot of fat! My wife found this lightened up recipe that even uses brown rice.  I hear my high school classmates and those grandmothers from the old country collectively cringing. Sacrilege! But, I will not be swayed, especially when it’s this good. And good for me, too!

A lightened up chicken marsala with brown rice.
A lightened up chicken marsala with brown rice.

Sweet Potato Brownies

Anyone that knows me, knows I love brownies. So, when my wife announced she was baking sweet potato brownies, I was excited.

Sweet potato brownies. Nope.
Sweet potato brownies. Nope.

Unfortunately, these didn’t work out. But, now that one batch is under our belt we know it’s possible! And that is exciting.

Coffee is Back (Yeah!)

We thought we would do without coffee. Initially, we did. The tea from Tevana was fantastic and led us to discover English Breakfast tea. We really like that tea… it’s just not coffee. Coffee is back. The big change is that instead of those creamers we used to use we are using fat-free half and half. Instead of sugar we are still using stevia. And it is good.

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Have you made any changes since the New Year? Are you still sticking with them? Let me know in the comments!

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