SmartyPants Vitamins #DadBodReboot – w/ Dai Manuel aka Coach Moose

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As part of the Dad 2.0 Summit experience we have the opportunity to work with some brands in some interesting ways. One such experience is the SmartyPants Vitamins #DadBodReboot . The #DadBodReboot was presented to us on the Dad 2.0 website and wouldn’t you know, 41 of us signed up!

I started the workouts with a group of Dads looking to make a change in our levels of fitness. For me, it was a great dovetail with an effort we had already been making at my house to eat cleaner . Adding exercise was the next step.  #DadBodReboot was the answer, perfect.

We filled out intake forms and were swiftly welcomed into a private Facebook group for this program. The Facebook group had this as the description.

30 minutes a Day for a Healthier & Happier You – now’s the time to invest 2% of your day in yourself and adopt the ‪#‎JustDidIt‬ attitude. Not tomorrow – TODAY!

You will learn how to re-program your body, make better choices, release excess weight, and become stronger, healthier and happier for the rest of your life.

I was excited to get started and get moving. There were a few days already scheduled as intake days so, we started the program a few days later.

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We received great support materials with links to videos that walk you through each exercise. The smart thing about all of the movements is that they are “apartment sized” which is perfect for me and my family because we live in a modest sized duplex and space is at a premium.

A Word About Coach Moose

Coach Moose has been nothing short of fantastic! I had a question about some training for my daughter and he generously gave of his time and sourced some appropriate exercises for what she wants to accomplish. He’s very responsive, personable, and accessible!

How Am I Doing on the Program?

I got two days into the program huffing and puffing and did something to my knee. So, I bowed out for a few days. The support group was fantastic in reaching out. Equally so, Coach Moose reached out to me as well. I am on my way to being in better shape for sure.

An Unexpected Bonus.. Mindfulness

Part of Coach Moose’s program is daily mindfulness aka meditation.
I really had my doubts about mindfulness… thinking it was all for hippies or, something like that. The first day, I tried it on my own and no way could I get get in the correct groove! At Mike Vardy‘s recommendation I tried an app called Headspace.  And it seems like just the right amount of guided meditation that I think I need. When I can done with each 10 minute session I can tell that my mind is clearer and more focused. I am more energized without the grogginess from a nap. I am still on the trial for Headspace and not sure if I’ll subscribe.

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A Final Word

I am glad that I signed up for this program. Yesterday I started back and I am looking forward to finishing the program and meeting Dai and the SmartyPants Vitamins gang at Dad 2.0.


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