Becoming a Creator & Owner

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It’s my belief that enough of “life must build up inside you, before you can write”. And, I think at last… that has occurred. In fact, a hell of a lot has happened in the last 18 months!

  • We relocated back to North Carolina, and were generously supported by family while we found our footing.
  • I was laid off from the highest paying job in my life. Before our move back to NC, the employer had led me to believe through direct statements that I could continue as a remote employee. This didn’t happen. Instead, two end stories emerged: (1) “I can’t manage you remotely.” (2) “We were unable to sell enough services”.
  • I spent 14 months searching for a job (unsuccessfully).

After all of this, I decided one thing: to start an online marketing company. To take a step in a direction I had never taken (full-time) before. It didn’t happen all at once (or, even overnight). What did happen was that while I was looking for a job, independent work began to come my way.  A few recurring clients and some 90 day and 6 month contracts happened next. And when unemployment ran out, I was standing on my own two feet. It’s proof of the viability of the concept. It was some amount of validation, even.

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Now, some don’t understand that an income can be derived from a laptop along with knowledge/experience in marketing and online advertising. But, it really can. No joke: it’s not easy and requires persistence. But, I know a W-2 job has it’s challenges, too (staff reductions, layoffs, downsizing).

Some might ask: Are you bitter or, ticked at that employer or, not finding a job? It was a frustrating experience and there were some darker moments. Some days questioning everything. The “no thanks” and the “we are proceeding with another candidate” piled high. But, on the whole, I have a fairly positive attitude and believe things are getting better every day.

I think the largest thing that has occurred is that, I have realized I am a creator. Now, this wasn’t a term I was used to using (or, even previously comfortable with) but, Keith Bloemendaal of Dutch Built Homes in Carolina Beach, NC dropped this on my Facebook wall:

“Some people are workers, some are creators, I prefer to create and have been blessed in doing so.”

It got me thinking a bit about who I am and what I do… I have created quite a bit over the years and was also a worker at different times. With this thinking a few things emerged:

  • When I create, I am most energized and feel most alive.
  • The company that I founded to help small/medium business, non-profits, and agencies creates more value for themselves, their clients and customers.


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P.S. In fact, a few weeks before this “creator” revelation… I started creating, in a way I have never before: creating my first book. Update (1/15/2016): the book “Mastering Google Keep” is now available.

This last bit of creating is where you come in. I could use some help. Are you interested in helping with my first book? Just review a few things like cover design and giving a little feedback and if you’re really interested, I might even send you a manuscript. If you are interested: Add your name here. And as things come up, I’ll reach out. Thanks.

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  1. I like your style and your experience out in the field gives you the experience to assist your clients with confidence that you can understand their needs and offer them viable

    1. Thanks for your comment. I appreciate you stopping by to read this post. I love the opportunity to assist clients and help them accomplish their goals and reach new levels of success.

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