Digital Dad Interview: Sam Estes

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My first interview with a Dad here on the Digital Dad blog. I’m excited to kick things off with Sam Estes, a Dad, Blogger and hard-working banker!
And, Sam I totally agree with you about brownies.

Sam Estes
Meet Sam Estes.. a hardworking Dad and Blogger.

Brief Bio 
“I just turned 28 this summer and the following week had my 5th child. I have nearly 200 hours of college credit, but still no degree. Currently living in Texas, but my heart longs for my home in NW Arkansas where I was raised and met my wife in 4th grade. I am a new blogger on the scene and think I have some insights others will relate to while I’m documenting my growth in my faith, family and fitness. I am easing my way back into running with a nearly impossible goal of running a marathon before I’m 30!”

What do you like most about being a Dad?
“What I enjoy most are the moments when the unexpected occurs. For example, my second daughter (nearly 2) can say many words and can communicate well for her age, but she refuses to say “Yes”- she can say the word out of context, she just won’t in conversation- everything is “no.”
Penelope would you like some ice-cream- “No”
Penelope would you like to go to the park- “No”
Are you crying for water, do you want water- “No”
It has become a game in my house to see the funny things that we know she wants, but says no to. The jig is up though, because recently we were playing the game at the dinner table and I asked, “Penelope would you like another tomato?” Completely expecting the normal response, I was hardly looking at her, but I saw her nod- slowly. I was shocked! Never before had she done this, but it wasn’t only that she nodded but how she did it. Her eyes looked like “deer in the headlight” eyes and her jaw was slack, and the only thing that moved was a tiny, slow nod up and down signifying she wanted another tomato. I cannot tell you how long the entire family laughed at that. “She said YES!” We had her shaking her head yes all night to everything we could think to ask her and every time she would nod we would all crack up. No one at the table expected her to do anything other than her normal “no” but we now have a “you should have been there” story that I will enjoy the rest of my life.”

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What’s been your proudest moment (so far) as a Dad?
“I am a Christian, so naturally my family prays before meals. While I normally lead the mealtime prayers when the kids were young, my two boys (7 and 5) want to participate and bicker to see who gets to pray. So we set a schedule to avoid conflict, funny huh? But now that my daughters are reaching that participation age we randomly select someone to pray and one night Penelope was picked- how I don’t know she was barely 18 months old at the time. Nevertheless, we all bowed our head and peeking (the way parents always pray to make sure that kids aren’t flinging food across the table) I saw that Titus (4 then) was watching Penelope intently. When she hesitated to pray he waited maybe 5 seconds and said “Penelope say this…” and lead her in a mealtime prayer. He did this without any direction, without any examples, without anything other than his desire to help her. What a great kid! Titus has done this now many times and I think the girls enjoy having him “help” them pray.”

What do you want your kid(s) to remember you for the most?
“My faith. It isn’t a benefit to anyone to begin to argue about what faith I have, or who it is in- but faith in my God is something I wish to pass on to my children. There are many morals, ethics, joys, and lessons I will teach my children while they are with me, but my main focus- the most important thing I can teach them- is faith. I am not an anti-science religious zealot; actually, I enjoy watching/ reading history and physics lessons (my wife thinks I’m insane). I invest heavily into their lives through homework, family time, exercise but one that I never miss is an opportunity to emphasize, one that I want my children to emulate the most, my faith.”

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When did you start blogging?
“I just started this summer to be honest. My wife has a blog ( and has wanted me to start one for some time now. After some thinking of how my blog would reach a different niche than the other blogs out there I launched in late June.”

What’s your biggest challenge in balancing life/work/blog? How do you manage it?
“I currently am a bank manager who works 40+ hours a week. As I said before I just began my blog and have yet to struggle with the “deadline”, but I have seen my wife do it over the years. My challenge before has been to allow her the time needed to create a great product and now that it is my turn to create too- well let’s just say time will be an issue. I think we have balanced “computer time” well, as of now she is blogging more in the morning while I am a night now, blog late into the evening hours. Can I emphasize late…”

City/State (nearest major city is fine)?
Dallas/ Fort Worth, Texas

Blog Title & URL?
DadRunner: Sharpening my stride in Faith, Family and Fitness.

Cookie or Brownie?
Brownie (as long as its still gooey and warm….YUM)

If you enjoyed this interview let me know in the comments below. If you know of another worthy dad hit me up here.

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