ALDI opening in Houston & Pearland, TX. What’s ALDI like?

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Recently, we relocated from NC and were thrilled to see ALDI coming to Texas. Some Facebook chatter made me realize that Texans might not be familiar with ALDI , why it’s worth a trip and what it offers. So, this post was born.

The Digital Mom and myself have to admit when we first visited an ALDI we walked in, walked around and walked out. Years later we returned when we tightened our fiscal belts.

So, What’s ALDI Like?

ALDI Texas – What you’ll see outside,

It starts outside. In a word.. bring a quarter and some shopping bags. Why? So, you can get a shopping cart (with the quarter). At ALDI there are no baggers and no lot attendants. So, the cashier puts your groceries back in the cart… then, you can bag them to the counters near the exit. Less staff, Lower prices.

What You Will See Inside ALDI in Houston and Pearland

Items like flour, sugar, cereal and canned goods are on pallets. Everything has a sign above.


Smaller items are on shelves.

What Can I Buy at ALDI in Texas?

At ALDI you will find the most frequently purchased items with ALDI’s private label brand along with Special Buys on Brand Name products. In a typical trip to ALDI stores in NC we purchased 90% of our groceries at ALDI and picked up the rest at another market. Your mileage may vary.. you may be able to buy 100% or less than we did. A trip for our family of 3 was rarely above $200.

Some Tips for Shopping ALDI in Texas

Here are our shopping tips for making the most of ALDI shopping.

  1. Bring shopping bags. The reusable ones are best. We use one from IKEA (a blue and yellow one) and purchased several from ALDI.. they were larger than the ones sold at other supermarkets.
  2. Sauces, canned items, dairy, meat and frozen items were of good quality.
  3. From what I could figure out the breakfast cereal is/was manufactured by Malt O Meal and offers a VERY good value for the money. The Digital Daughter wants you to know that it’s “ripped off brands that taste exactly the same.”
  4. I tend to watch the exp. dates… and this comes in handy at ALDI as some categories of food (dairy and bread) may not sell as quickly as others.
  5. ALDI changes suppliers sometimes monthly and this may mean that the frozen pizza you purchased last week isn’t quite the same next month or, it may be in a slightly different package.
  6. The fresh  produce is a mixed bag…  (no pun intended) some items like bell peppers were great. While fresh berries tended to perish quicker.
  7. The Wine is a great value. 
  8. The Wine is a great value. 
  9. The Digital Mom says “If you can get past the non brand name orientation you will discover some serious savings.”

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