Turning the Page: North Carolina in the Rear View

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When my girlfriend (now Digital Mom) and I relocated to North Carolina from Texas 16 years ago we’d never imagined that we would move back to Texas. But, recently that is exactly what has happened. And as we put a final wrap on things in North Carolina








I’ve had a little time to reflect on all the life events that occurred in North Carolina for me.

  • Married Digital Mom
  • 9/11
  • Bought, remodeled or otherwise upgraded and sold four properties some of which is documented here and here.
  • Had our Digital household increase with the addition of cat, child and dog.
  • Marked the passing of two grandparents
  • Met several friends, co-workers, and clients.

Now that the house is under contract and nearly closed and sold it’s time to move forward but, not forget the great times and people we’ve met and the wild and crazy rollercoaster ride we’ve had.

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