Building a 2×4 Workbench

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I got to build my first workbench. How did I go so long without one, I’ll never quite know.

I looked around for some plans and found these. One thing I used on this project were Spax Screws

Nothing is better than getting to use power tools to make something!


All the parts are cut and I am ready to get down to business.













A tip: One thing I do when using two extension cords is “tie” them together like this..


Staging some of the longer parts of the workbench along the garage wall. The parking block in the garage prevents someone from running into the hot water heater. We eventually determined that despite having an inspection on this home, the water heater was not the correct type and not to code.

I built the frames of the bench according to the directions. Checking for square as I went.

Eventually, I screwed the MDF top to the frame. Countersinking the screws for a flush surface.



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