Preparing a Home to Sell – Five Tips

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Preparing Your Home for Sale

Making the decision to put your home on the market is a big step. But, before you sign with a real estate agent and put a sign in the yard there are a few things to do to prepare a home to sell and make your home more marketable.

  1. Remember: When your home is for sale you are NOT living it it. You are marketing a product. No dust, dirt, trash.
  2. Remove all personal items. This includes, but is not limited to: diplomas, family photos, religious items and other potential clutter.
  3. Do all needed repairs, patching, touch up painting. Your home should appear fresh and move-in ready. The last thing a potential home owner wants is to do more work after moving in.
  4. Clean, clean again and clean some more. Bathrooms, kitchens especially. If you have a large home consider hiring some help.
  5. Eliminate all sources of odors: cooking, pets and all other sources should not be detectable. Get a friend to double check this.

And here’s a bonus tip:
When you get a showing appointment leave 15 min early and return 15 min late. Give the potential buyer all the time needed to view your sparkling, move-in ready property.

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