My How Our Garden Grows: Update On Our (Almost) Squarefoot Garden

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On April 1st we set up and planted our 1st squarefoot garden. Since then, we have made a few additions.

1) Since we’ve seen a few wild rabbits and some squirrels we decided to put some fence. This is a flexible, plastic  fencing that was Tenax 3ft x 25ft Green Plastic Poultry Fence from the big box home improvement center.

2.) Adding a perimeter of marigolds for some pest protection.

3.) Also, some great performance of both the plants and seeded vegetables

4.) We also added some support for the tomato plants. The Mrs. found this Ultimato Tomato Cage at Wallyworld. Excellent product.
Ultomato Tomato Cage

Check out the squarefoot garden! We are amazed and happy.

Squarefoot Garden picture

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