Congrats to Robert Goddard, “Father of Modern Rocketry”

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This being a blog from a Dad, I though it fitting to write about another “Father” who had another milestone today (as my amazing Wife reminds me). So, how do I know about this   “father” (Robert Goddard) and what do I know about him?

In the second grade at Central Elementary School in Methuen, MA we had a Science Fair. Central Elementary was the former district High School and I recall details of my two years there with some vividness.

Central Elementary School
Central Elementary School (Via Google Maps)

The Science Fair in those days had no restrictions (unlike the rules we experienced with our little one which included: no water, animal or human subject unless supervised by a Scientist). So, what was my experiment/project?
A model replica of Robert Goddard’s successful launch of a liquid propelled rocket.

Robert H. Goddard on March 16, 1926

Besides, how bad could a guy be whose name was Robert? I remember my science fair model’s details with some foggy precision: constructed of plastic straws and a pencil then, taped to a piece of cardboard. Simple and to the point.
At this science fair, I didn’t win any prize (the same fate befell our kid recently). But, due in large part to my Mom we have remembered his successful development and launch of a successful liquid-fueled rocket on March 16, 1926, in Auburn, Mass. every year since that second-grade science fair. That’s a gift far greater than a ribbon or certificate. If you want to read more about Dr. Goddard check out NASA’s info here.

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  1. Your well written article touched me as I remembered your conscientious interest in space and the astronauts and how you worked dilengently on your science project.

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