This Old (New to Us) House

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Our house as of January 2012

So, over at our “nest” there’s been a flurry of activity recently. But, I suppose a little explanation and backstory might be in order. Our current abode is a 20 yr. old Fortis home (now, K Hovnanian)… that we purchased a few short years ago. The truth is we knew very little about her history (no thanks to the feckless home inspector).  Make no mistake,  we had some well-founded suspicions based on our experience buying and improving other homes but, the reality has been slowly settling in.

Some stats on the house: 3 bedroom, 2.5 Baths,2 car garage, and a 10′ x 12′ shed.

Heated square feet:1,860

Exterior: Brick and Masonite

Windows: Double glazed, wood.

Year built: 1992

Table of Contents

The Home Site

View from above











Our home faces South and is on a corner. We have a fenced off portion of the backyard. There is a fairly steep grade roll off at the front on the street side at the top of the picture.

Our projects so far:

  1. Uninstall an overgrown front landscape.
  2. Plan and plant a new landscape
  3. Replace an improperly specified and installed gas hot water heater.
  4. Paint and repair rotting wood sills on the exterior first-floor windows.
  5. Install a new fiberglass front door slab in the existing jamb.
  6. Repair failed drywall tape joints at various joints and corners throughout the first floor.
  7. Repaint the entire first floor walls and some trim.
  8. Remove carpet and paint front stairs
  9. Remove old, glue down wood floor and carpet*.
  10. Install new laminate floor*.
  11. Install new tile
  12. Install new water saving toilets
  13. Repair, prime, and paint the home’s exterior*
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(Projects listed above with * indicate work completed by contractors)


4 Responses

    1. Thanks for your comment and well wishes Mark. Yes, the siding is not without it’s proper care and feeding. The projects are largely overdue, deferred maintance from the previous owners.

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