6 Things to Do with Your Small Business Website

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What I really like about the Web is the unlimited variation and innovation. This list of six Web site  ideas is merely a starting point.

  1. Make your Web site the center of your online marketing universe –   What do I mean by this? Take steps to make it extremely easy for a prospect (or customer) to find you online. How do you do this? Simply link to your Web site from: your email signature,  Google places page, Facebook page, LinkedIn page, etc. Then, link out from your Web site to all those pages/places online.
  2. Offer a way for Web site visitors to stay up to date/receive special offers. This might mean producing an occasional email newsletter (using a service like MailChimp free for small lists) or, offering readers of your blog  to subscribe to your RSS feed.
  3. Test different offers on your Web site. Depending on your business this could be a free initial visit with a percent off. Or, a free accessory with a minimum purchase.
  4. Test different calls to action: Do you have a contact us form or Appointment Request form on your Web site? If you do, consider using a free tool like Google Web site Optimizer to test how well a small change to your form might work.
  5. Offer tools for clients to configure their dreams. This could be something from a PDF worksheet download to a web form or more complex online configurator.
  6. Collect and display testimonials from past customers on your Web pages. They add credibility to the hard work you’ve already done and will instill confidence in prospective customers.
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What are some of your ideas of things to do with a small business web site?

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