Email Can Still Boost Small Business Profits

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small business email marketing can get customers to line up

Are you using email marketing for your small business?
If you aren’t, go sign up for MailChimp, Constant Contact, iContact or any of the others listed here now. Unlike some other media, e-mail can offer your small business nearly instant feedback and results.

If you are emailing your customers and prospects you are well on your way to increasing your profits.
But, are you taking advantage of every opportunity to reach out to both categories of email subscribers? In the case of customers: are you offering them new information to enhance their business, life or other concern? If your emails are always promotional offers should a customer continue to subscribe?

In the case of prospects (non-buying subscribers): When was the last time you emailed them? Have you sent them a “Last Chance/Good bye” email? In this email offer them a one time discount or special opportunity
For example: % off coupon valid only for the next 30 days. These emails have a good chance of capturing additional sales revenue for very little effort.

Action steps:

  • Sign up for email marketing and start collecting email addresses and begin the conversation with your customer.
  • If you have an email list: Segment your list into (buyers Vs. non-buyers) and market to both with customized messages and reap profits!
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