Want Inbound Links? It’s about VALUE

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It's about value to your visitors
It's about value to your visitors

One of the sessions at Internet Summit focused on Search Marketing. Within this session there was one presentation that mentioned value as part of the equation in obtaining in-bound links to your Web site. It’s something that is typically glossed over and the mention of it in this session gave me some hope. But, I thought I’d give the topic a little more explanation after some post session discussion and some thinking.

In the race for keyword domination there seems to be a void. The void, is one filled by the user/visitor and not the search engine. It’s fine to compete on keyword(s) but, that alone will not yield high quality links. It’s the content or, value that you provide to users that will net links. What are your target customers/users needs, most asked questions, or problems? Answer these questions and craft solutions in copy and downloadable or widget forms. These strategies will, over time, net links that can’t be bought or traded. To paraphrase: “Build value for your users and the links will come.”

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