How to Write a Social Media Emergency Response Plan

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If you have a social presence on any service (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube) you should think very seriously about a Social Media emergency response plan.

In a Social Media emergency the Social Media specialist, or other person in charge of your Social Media presence, should know who to contact. But, more importantly… the person being contacted by the Social Media specialist should know they are part of the plan!

An outline for a Social Media Emergency Response Plan is below and may include the following:

Purpose“The purpose of this document is to outline the Social Media Response and Personnel Responsibilities at [Company Name]”
Social Media PresencesA listing of Social Media sites and the URLs. “[Company Name] maintains presences on several social media sites including:”
Personnel & Process A listing of personnel roles and their responsibilities in a Social Media Emergency

What would/do you include in your Social Media Emergency Response Plan? Other suggestions? Please leave them in the comments below.

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