Blogs are to Documentaries as Tweets are to 30 second commercials

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I was Tweeting the other night and a thought occurred to me. Looking at Social Media a bit more broadly for a second, if we were to compare blogs and tweets to another (more familiar to some) media what would that be?

First, I considered the long form documentary. What in social media could equate to the depth of a topic and often raw nature of the human experience? For this, I thought the blog post (or blog post series) was equal. Plenty of space, room for video, photos.

If a blog post were considered long form Social Media what was on the opposite end of the spectrum? The thirty second commercial came to mind. Long used to appeal to mass audiences, succinctly and quickly the 30 second commercial fit the bill. And the Social Media counterpart to the 30 second commercial? Tweets, those 140 character snippets that can quickly be retweeted around the world.

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