Barbeque Interview with Rick Wilson

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Rick Wilson – BBQ Cook

Rick Wilson
IT Professional, Mainframe Computer Operator

City/Metro Area, State
St Paul, MN

BBQ Rig/Cooking Gear:
Weber Smokey Mountain (WSM) and Weber Kettle Grill

How long have you been barbequing?
Rick: Barbecuing 15 years, Grilling 40 years

Do you cook for: Family/Friends, Competition/Festivals, and/or Catering? If Competition: Which one(s), Year, list any awards.
Rick: Mostly for myself. Occasionally, family/friends.  Participated in a Non-Sanctioned contest.

Is there another BBQer that has inspired you or, gone out of their way to help? Who was it and what happened?
Rick: The AFB group has been a great resource for learning.  Several individuals.  Too many to list..
What do you like most about cooking barbeque?
Rick: If the weather is nice, like relaxing around the house, putzing around the house/yard working on small projects.

Your favorite cut of meat to cook, Why?
Rick: Boston Butts and Spare ribs.  Very easy to do.  Hard to NOT do them good/right..

Favorite side dishes, sauce, rub, charcoal, and smoking wood:
Rick: Grilled Sweet Corn, barbecue beans.  Sauce, Rubs, nothing in particular for a favorite.
Royal Oak lump for charcoal.  Applewood and Hickory for smoking wood..

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A funny story related to barbeque?
Rick: No funny stories..

Any advice for people new to barbeque?
Rick: Be patient. Be flexible.  Many meats can be barbecued at 250° – 300° or little more.

Biographic information about you. Include any links to your blogs, Website, Twitter,LinkedIn, etc. Please include a picture of yourself for inclusion.
Rick: No blogs, etc now.

This photo is from a contest at a local outdoor cooking supply store.  Appropriately named Outdoor Cooking Store.  Sadly, it closed down.  They called it a barbecue contest, but really it was a grilling contest.  We were required to use a weber smoky joe as our cooker.  We got to keep it afterwards.  I imagine Weber donated the Smoky Joe’s.  At least I hope so…
This was a fun contest because it was local and though there were prizes for the top 3, it was more for fun.  I was told I finished 5th out of 15 for my pork tenderloin. Not my greatest effort, but it was all in fun.  Would be nice to see more of these types of contests for us hobbiests that are serious, but not so serious we’re working towards the biggy contests like the American Royal or Jack Daniels World Championship contests..

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