Barbeque Interview with Pitmaster Jim Martin

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Jim Martin

1. Your Name & Occupation
Jim Martin, Former Pilot, Now an Aviation Safety Inspector

2.City/Metro Area, State
Indianapolis, IN

3. BBQ Rigs/Cooking Gear:     
A Masterbuilt  propane smoker, a Bradley 6 rack digital smoker, and a Fast Eddie by Coolshack

4.   How long have you been barbequing?
Somewhere in the 7 or 8 year range

5. Do you cook for: Family/Friends, Competition/Festivals, and/or Catering?
I mainly cook for myself, family, and friends. I have entered a few amateur competitions and did pretty well, but don’t really care for it. I find competitions boring and a lot more work than I care to do. I don’t mean this to sound as harsh as it does but I don’t really care what a bunch of judges think, I’m more interested in what the people I know and care for think.

6. Is there another BBQer that has inspired you or, gone out of their way to help? Who was it and what happened?      
Almost every one I’ve met has taught me something. Also lots of books and TV shows.

7. What do you like most about cooking barbeque?    
I really enjoy the amount of time it takes to get good Q. Spending a whole day with family and good friends while waiting for some great food is the best.

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8. Your favorite cut of meat to cook, Why?     
Ribs of course. They are what most people think of when they thing BBQ and really is there anything better?  Pork shoulder and salmon are great too.

9. Favorite side dish(es)      
Wow, there are too many to count, but I really like a good slaw. Sweet Potato Jalapeno soup is a favorite also.

10. Favorite sauce
That would be Smokin Monkey Spicy sauce.

11. Favorite rub   
Same thing goes for the rub…Smokin Monkey BBQ rub.

12. Favorite charcoal  
Plain old Kingsford is good.

13. Favorite smoking wood 
I use a lot of Apple, Pecan, and Hickory. I don’t care for Mesquite.

14. A funny story related to barbeque?
Most things I think are funny now have to do with me ruining a good piece of meat. Like the time I turned chicken thighs into lumps of chicken charcoal.

15. Any advice for people new to barbeque?  
Two things. Pay close attention to your smoke chamber temperatures and be very patient. We’ve all heard it at least a hundred times, “if you’re looking you’re not cooking”

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16. Jim’s Web site:   Facebook page:

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