Round Up: Google Instant, The Rise of Bing, and New

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Google Instant
A look at estimated time savings (Via Google)

It’s been good to see things evolve on the Internet recently. It’s part of the reason I enjoy what I do (most) every day. I get to dabble with the latest web innovations and assess the business impact.

First, we had the roll out of Google Instant which made it as far as NBC Nightly News and is being discussed in depth for impact on Pay Per Click. I made a few queries for head and long tail terms and found largely no changes in Organic Rankings. But, that’s what I expected. This wasn’t an update to underlying technology per se, it was more of a presentation layer/UI change. It did impact PPC in that Google had to be a bit more specific about impressions. But, since most of my work is organic/natural search I moved on to other things.

The next news I noticed is that traffic to Bing over took traffic to Yahoo. Over at MS they have some reason to celebrate and for search marketers and business owners it’s probably time (if you haven’t) to pay attention to how you are ranking on Bing.

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And if you are the least bit interested in Social Media you might have noticed two changes to Twitter. First  (for some) see the video below.

This change didn’t roll out for all users at the same time. Instead, it’s going to be rolled out over a period of time. From what I can tell from the video and early impressions is the Web site will act a lot more like desktop apps TweetDeck and HootSuite. And second on Twitter they also rolled out sponsored Tweets.

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