AT&T Virtual Card, Order Processing? Not Instant.

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I signed up and paid for an AT&T; Virtual Worldwide pre-paid calling card. But, instead of getting my calling card information after paying I got this:

Your order is being processed. You will receive an E-Mail with the outcome of your order within 2 hours. If you have any questions about the web ordering process for your Virtual Phone Card, please E-Mail us at or call 1-877-723-7679.

Huh? Come on AT&T; if I buy a digital download from Amazon there’s almost no wait. Why are you leaving me hanging for up to two hours? So much for speedy e-commerce.

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2 Responses

  1. I've noticed the same thing and can't quite understand why there would be any lag-time on order processing. Unless there is something with it being a world-wide processing with country codes, but even at that, there should be much.. much less than 2 hours of wait time.

  2. You should try google voice, their international rates are the best I've found. I used to use Skype before, but with Google Voice, I can use my cell phone to make a call (or any phone).

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