Remembering 9/11

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I was at work and some engineer rigged an antenna. We got to watch it. A TV was also set-up in the cafeteria all day and for the next few days. I was numbed.

Those that perpetrated these heinous acts have set the stage for replacements waiting in the wings. Before 9/11, I didn’t even know about a militant, extreme faction of Islam. Sadly, now I do. I know that they mean all of us harm at any cost and for nothing more than a thinly veiled promise of “riches” in the afterlife.

My air travels after that date always put me on high alert and I am cognizant of the possibility that my departure may be forever. That may be the reason for more than the usual emotion two years ago when I headed overseas for business.

I was disappointed to learn yesterday that national security has only reached a grade of “C”. Whomever takes office next better make our security a top priority.

If we know one thing… they will keep trying. Different approaches over several years.
We were changed on that day forever.

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