Rich Barber: Farewell Uncle Rich…Farewell

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So many nice things have been written about you Uncle Rich. Apparently, it was your turn to go join the big party in the sky and join the rest of the cosmos.
I don’t think I’ll ever understand why it had to be you, in your early 50’s, on this week. It stings even more that it had to be a member of the family that I cared about and admired.
You know… we were just there, on the River you loved, only a few weeks ago! Celebrating July 4th. You said it was a pretty large party even by your own standards for this holiday. But, you were in your element! The deck was freshly power washed and the gathering so large you had two shifts! Even in this celebration you were helping a friend. That was you…no surprises there.
The fireworks were tremendous, the food was delicious and everyone had a good time. That night when I said “See you later”, I expected that I would. I guess now I’ll have to wait my turn… to join that party in the sky to make good on it.

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