Adwords PPC Optimization Over Kill

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I was surfing tonight and encountered an Adwords ad to own a McDonald’s franchise. Note: I am not looking in to quick serve opportunities… just curious what the landing page had to say. What I saw was a lot of highly emphasized text… that made no sense.

  • The headline for the page “Fast Food Franchises Franchise” didn’t make all that much sense. A plural and singular form of the word in the headline doesn’t read all that well. Does it?
  • The main call to action: “Request More Information from Fast Food Franchises Franchise” repeats the grammatical errors of the headline. But, more than just a grammar error does it instill in the visitor that they are submitting information to a trustworthy source?

The other thing that struck me was this landing page, that the advertiser paid for me to land on, is also advertising other franchise opportunities at the top of the page!


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