No more WalMart for this family

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  1. Okay, this is Randolph Co. so if you don’t shop at Walmart where do you shop? Most of the people I talk to at work seem very afraid to cross the county line. I hate that Walmart seems the only place to shop in Randleman or Asheboro. I thought that maybe I would see some comments from you on Asheboro’s new curbside recyling program. Change of subject I know.

  2. Crochet Goddess! Hello! Thanks for stopping by!

    We don’t cross the county line to do our shopping. We just make a few more stops. Walgreens (for soap and medicine), the bread outlet on N. Fayetteville (where they now know my Wife by name), Goody’s (for clothing) and a few stores in downtown Randleman (Firestone and Melvin’s Variety) for household items. It’s a little more work and few more miles but, the benefits are numerous.

    I had an auto body technician tell me that the WalMart parking lot is a major source of customers! So, it’s even better for the condition of your car not to go to WalMart.

    Asheboro City Recycling? Such a small start for something claimed to be profitable. I’m not so fortunate to live in the inital phase (Zoo Parkway). It will probably be five years before it makes it all the way up to my house!

  3. I know I’m late with a comment but I’ve been dishing Wal-Mart for a long time. I don’t like what happened after they opened in Greensboro and what was happening in High Point before they moved to the other end of town.

    I like melvin’s (I did my Christmas shopping there last year) Many fond childhood memories revolve around shopping and the stores when I was a kid. Somehow I can’t imagine Wal-mart bringing back fond memories for anyone.hrist

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