Ainbinder couple, 99 and 97, celebrate 70th wedding anniversary in Randolph, MA

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Hyman and Freida Ainbinder celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary with a party at the Simon Fireman Community where they live. Hyman is 99 and Freida is 97. (LISA BUL/The Patriot Ledger)

The Patriot Ledger

RANDOLPH – When Hyman Ainbinder met his wife, Freida, more than 70 years ago, he wooed her by singing love songs. ‘‘Stay as Sweet as You Are’’ was his specialty.

They were married on Oct. 17, 1937 and on Wednesday they celebrated their 70th anniversary at the Simon C. Fireman Community where they live.

Hyman Ainbinder turned 99 on Sept. 5; Freida Ainbinder was 97 on Aug. 14. The secret to their long happy marriage is, he said, that he knew he had a good catch, took care of her and still does.

‘‘She’s a good little woman,’’ he said. ‘‘Good living and good association. That’s how we stayed married this long. She’s good, and I appreciate it.’’

‘‘I can sing all these old songs of love that I used to sing to Freida when I met her,’’

Their anniversary happened to fall on monthly party night at the seniors residence, and the chef/manager, Paul Leonard, prepared a festive meal of salmon and boneless stuffed chicken, and he made a three-tier wedding cake for the occasion.

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‘‘It’s incredible to be married that long – we don’t get very many like that,’’ Leonard said.

Their family had an anniversary party for them last Friday night at a local restaurant and 38 people, including his son and daughter, attended.

Both Ainbinders were born in Russia, came to the Boston area as infants and lived in different parts of the area. She graduated from Roxbury High School and he graduated from Peabody High School in 1926.

They met at a dance in Winthrop, dated for a year, married and settled in Peabody, where they raised a son, Norman, of Randolph, and a daughter, Susan, who lives in Arizona.

He worked at General Electric during World War II and then when his father retired from his business, Peabody Kosher Meat Market, Ainbinder took it over and ran it until he retired when he was 63.

After he retired, the couple enjoyed traveling and retraced their honeymoon route through Canada: Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa and Niagara Falls.

He still has the gift of song and sings at various events at the Simon C. Fireman Community, including Friday evening religious services and The Yiddish Club.

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But the old love songs are what his longtime bride likes to hear the best.

‘‘Stay as sweet as you are; don’t let a thing ever change you; don’t let a soul rearrange you,’’ he sang softly yesterday to her.

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