Draft: Blogger Classification Taxonomy

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I was talking with a fellow blogger the other day. At one point in our conversation after listehe offered up reasoning for his use of WordPress installed on his paid web host as opposed to a service like Blogger. I got to thinking… People tend to like labels to classify/order things. Would it be handy to have a few labels for the type of blogger you are? I was thinking it might be so here’s a draft list.

Indie blogger – One who blogs via WordPress or similar app running on a paid web hosting account.

Sponsored blogger – One who blogs on a service like Blogger, WordPress that is hosted by a commercial interest and under the terms of service requires an ad, graphic, link, chicklet or other exposure.

Corporate blogger – One who blogs via a company installed blog or paid host plan.

If you have further thoughts on this leave them in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. I started with Blogger, but also had an interest in low cost (less than $10 per month) self hosting. Managing my own WP blog was an outgrowth. If all you want to do is blog, I don’t recommend it. But if you like looking under the hood, it can’t be beat.

    The big caveat is the web hosts offering the best deals become oversold and stumble. Picking a stable web host at the outset can stave off a lot of unnecessary complication.

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