8 Things About ConvergeSouth 2006, “The Tech Geek Blogger” and Me

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1.Too early and excited I spilled some coffee on myself,my shirt,
and the floor while talking with Fec and Anthony… so much for first impressions.
2.Met (in person) Dave Wharton (welcome back!), Anthony , Zuker (Triangle blog wiz) , Cone, Greta Anita Lint, Joel Leonard.
3. Lunch with TheShu
4.“Unconferenced” with Elizabeth Edwards, Robert (The Tech Geek
Blogger) and Maryam Scoble.
5. Had a good time.
6. Lunch was tasty.
7. Left wondering if the event lived up to the billing of “You
Blog don’t you want to do much more?”… I guess that’s event marketing!
8. Did I mention? I had a good time?

What’s with the photo? (Coffee stained CS2006 shirt, name badge,
schedule, Triangle Science Blogging event note.) Sorry Pay Per Post I left out your slick postcard stuck in my lunch.

Hat tip: Sue Polinsky, A&T; and crew for the great job!

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