Bush’s Nuke Deal with India: Not a Happy Day for Me

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Sure, I voted for Bush. I even like the guy but, this deal with India doesn’t translate well to me.
As I have written here before and reposted news clips we are shedding jobs to lower cost outsourcing providers. All this nuke deal seemes to do (in my mind) is make India a more reliable, outsourcing country.
Is this really in the best interests of the nation? Sure, the heads of large companies (and Bush’s biggest supporters) are gung-ho about realizing cost savings in India but, I’m very interested in seeing more of these outsourced jobs (and dollars) stay right here in the good ol’ USA.

Luckily, radioactivity can not be transmitted through the telephone as I am talking with “Steve” the Dell support specialist in India.

More and more I find myself talking about and acting on what to do to keep work here. I’ve even gone so far in my consulting business to find local (rural) assistance as needed. Some folks call this rural sourcing and I am all for that. Keep the jobs local, spend some of the earnings locally. Rinse and repeat.

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On a releated point: India has every right to better itself, the standard of living and infrastructure I’m just not thrilled to be helping them with developing a reliable (but deadly) source of energy.

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