I LOVE pizza!

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Since my younger days I have had almost an addiction to the “food group” pizza. What else could I call a pizza topped with vegetable (green pepper), meat (pepperoni), milk (cheese) on a crust (grains)?

I consider my early expsoure to Italian food from the many families who settled in the Merrimack Valley part of the fondation for my love of Italian food and the pizzas these families made in their homes and independent pizzarias (Romano’s Pizza). Of course, I can’t discount the New England chain Pappa Gino’s for fueling my love of pizza either. I celebrated a birthday at this chain where I had the opportunity to make my own pizza! There was even the time in High School that a friend and I EACH consumed a large pepperoni pizza!

As life took me beyond my New England roots I discovered pizza in the South. Indeed, some transplated New Yorkers brought a pizza like that I grew up gorging on to Florida (Anthony’s Pizza).

When life took us to North Carolina I quickly settled my tastebuds on Elizabeth’s Pizza . Now that were not so close to Elizabeth’s I get by with Palmero’s frozen thin crust pizza from the nearby Costco. For a frozen pizza, it is hands down the best of anything found in the supermarket! I’ve even started to make pizza at home but, I’ve not yet found the right dough recipe.

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I really do love pizza, don’t you?

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