Hurricane Rita and my In-Laws : Final Installment

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So, the contigent in Brazoria County had some wind and the folks up near Pasadena were cleared to return yesterday with City services.

Summary of storm damage (in Pasadena, TX):

  • Approximately 10 percent of the city is still
    experiencing power outages. According to CenterPoint Energy, full service should be restored by Thursday. Citizens are encouraged to call CenterPoint Energy or check with neighbors regarding the status of their electricity service.
  • About 40 of the City’s 145 signalized intersections were affected by the
    storm. As of Monday, approximately 10 of those intersections were still
  • There are scattered incidents of downed trees, fences and
    telephone lines.
  • No flooding has been reported and only minimal structural
    damage to residential and commercial buildings has been identified.
  • Trees blocked a few roadways, but those were removed by Monday.
  • Regular trash collection resumed Monday and police returned to normal
    eight-hour shifts Monday at 6 a.m.

Looks like they all missed a heck of a hurricane.


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