Update #2 on Mott’s : No reply.

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I was going to wait until I received a reply from Mott’s re: their error of omission on their Web site. Since it’s been a while and I haven’t received a response, I am blog posting my e-mail to them requesting they remove the false information from their Web site.

Posted to: http://www.brandspeoplelove.com/index.cfm?bu=SM&brand;=MOTT%27S%20JUICE&site;=www.mottsproducts.com

The message as follows:

On the web page: http://www.motts.com/product_info/index.asp

You state “We pick fresh, whole apples that meet the highest standards of quality and flavor for use in our products. We purchase our apples from over 400 apple growers throughout the United States and Canada, who grow apples for apple juices and sauces.”

However, the 1 gal bottle of 100% juice I purchased states on the neck “Conc. from USA, Argentina, Turkey/Poland & Hungary”

Please either:
(1) source your concentrate as your Web site states

(2) correct your Web site.

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